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Coaching Carousel Recap: Wednesday

Until Wake Forest hires its new coach, Blogger So Dear will bring you the "nightly recap", where we will rewind the events of the day on Twitter and local media.

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Well there was a little more action today than yesterday, but still no resolution to the Wake Forest coaching search. We will expand on that a little later, but let's first start in South Florida, where a simple hiring of Steve Masiello turned bizarre:

Yeahhhh....apparently you have to graduate from college to be an NCAA D1 assistant coach, or at least not lie about it on your resume:

Rick Pitino said he knew Masiello was on track to graduate, and never knew that he didn't.

From a South Florida standpoint, they have no problem reneging on its offer given the new information:

Anyways, that is a pretty odd story, and Masiello has been placed on leave one day after signing a contract to coach the Bulls of South Florida. No idea where it goes from here, or whether Masiello can even go back to coaching Manhattan. The moral of the story is to always pay attention to what happens to George O'Leary

Other names that could be possible coaching candidates in Tampa are:

On the open Boston College vacancy, Tommy Amaker appears to be a candidate, but our brother site over at BC Interruption feels that he is is a smokescreen and using this opportunity to leverage it into a raise at Harvard:

Jeff Borzello drops some info about an hour ago as well:

Yesterday, another candidate also took his name off the BC list:

...or maybe BC was never interested in the first place:

That pretty much sums up Boston College, but they seem to be progressing along nicely as well in sorting out their options.

This brings us to Wake Forest now. There hasn't been a lot of national news on Wake and it is actually extremely quiet from all sides. At one point this afternoon there were rumors that a deal had been done with somebody, but apparently those rumors amounted to nothing more than mere child's play.

As I said on Monday in the recap, it seems that Shaka, Marshall and Howland are front-runners for the job. I would expect them all to be approached and Wake refuted before moving on. Another name that has seemingly moved up to/or near the front is Tommy Amaker of Harvard.

There hasn't been a lot of information out there about Chris Mack, leading me again to believe that his name was floated by Wake Forest as a screen for the actual hire. Archie Miller also hasn't been talked about a lot.

I would guess that the delay in naming a coach comes from Ron Wellman going after the big names and doing all he can to secure them. I've been told that Wake is not sparing funds in this search and is willing to offer top dollar to a coach that commands it.

At this juncture, Shaka Smart appears to be the #1 coaching target, but he has proven elusive to land (just ask N.C. State, UCLA and Marquette). If the Deacs don't land him then I would turn to the other two big names (Marshall and Howland), but do not discount Tommy Amaker, he seems to have a strong following among some of the bigger names in the booster ranks.

It seems like Dan Collins was on to something when he wrote that it could be a while before we hear anything. To me, the wait is absolutely ok as long as we land somebody that can bring our program back to where it belongs.

As always, keep close tabs on Blogger So Dear throughout the entire search, and we will keep you updated up-to-minute on everything going on surrounding the coaching hire and more.