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Wake Forest Football Spring Practice Preview

The Wake Forest football team starts spring practice on Tuesday. What are the major story lines?

Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV was kind enough to reach out to Blogger So Dear over the past week to discuss spring football practice.

Mark and I discussed the main questions Wake Forest fans have headed into the season. We discussed the quarterback position and who will take over for Tanner Price, the lack of tailbacks on the team, the loss of Nikita Whitlock and other defensive linemen, the strengths of the team, and the job Dave Clawson has done during his first several months on the job.

Many thanks to Mark Rogers for having me on. He does an excellent job covering a lot of programs and I recommend you all check out his other videos on his YouTube channel.

Spring practices gets underway on Tuesday and the spring game will take place on April 26th. I look forward to discussing how the team looks once spring practice and the spring game are over. Most of the practices are open, so I hope to see some of you out on the practice field and I definitely hope to see you all at the tailgate before the spring game.