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A place for Wake Forest fans to give their #HotBzTakes as the rumor mill takes a very surprising turn.

Grant Halverson

What many thought (and still think) is a foregone conclusion has now become a source of angst for Tie Dye Nation. A fan base waiting for official word on the fate of head basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik has been turned upside-down on Tuesday by rumors instead of his retention. Here's the latest from BSD:

We don't know.

Truly, we shared the opinion based on information from our sources that a coaching search was imminent, but the timing was a problem due to AD Ron Wellman's duties with the NCAA. If, in fact, we've been given the ol' "Okey Doke" by Wake- we're not alone.

In the absence of any real news, BSD is here to tell you that we feel your pain. The angst is palpable. We empathize, even us townies. That's why we're bringing out the BSD Ventilator today. We ask that you give your #HotBzTake in the comment section below. If you're feeling it, let it out, son.


Yeah, this is not a time for debate this is a time for healing. Any discussion or debate comments will be quickly deleted. This is a place to share your feelings, from the depths of your Old Gold and Black soul.

Play nice!