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2014 BSD Bracket Challenge

Interested in showing off your prognostication skills with a great bunch of Wake fans? Then we have the right challenge for you! Everyone is welcome and we have a prize for the winner. Check it out.


With the 2014 NCAA Tournament about to kick off this week, it means only one thing: bracket time. We have you covered here at Blogger So Dear even though we don't have a vested interest in this year's tournament (yet again). To join, it's simple, just head to and get signed up for the Tournament Challenge under the fantasy section of the website.

Or click here to speed up the process.

The group is private, as to keep out any interlopers looking to grab our wonderful top prize, and so you will need to enter the following:

Group name: Blogger So Dear
Password: Godeacs

It's that simple to get started and you can jump in the competition with everybody else. If anybody has issues joining the site, let me know and I'll see if there is an issue on the ESPN end.

The brackets can be filled out anytime after they are announced tonight at 6 until the tip of the round of 64 games on Thursday, but don't hesitate to get signed up in the contest early on in the week.

If there are any questions or concerns just let me know and we can see if we can help out. And as always, go Deacs!