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Miles Overton Transfers From Wake Forest: Scholarship Implications

What's Wake Forest's scholarship situation now that Miles Overton has decided to transfer?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest announced earlier today that Miles Overton will be leaving the program at the end of the semester to pursue a basketball career at another institution. This move will leave Wake Forest with only 12 available scholarship players for the remainder of the season (including Daniel Green), but it will allow Wake Forest to get down to 13 scholarships next season, which is the maximum amount allowed under NCAA rules. Wake Forest has signed 3 players for the 2015 recruiting class, and was only scheduled to lose two players (Daniel Green and Darius Leonard) due to graduation.

The scholarship table below assumes that all players will stay for four seasons. While this assumption has obvious flaws, it's not fair to assume that any one player in particular will leave at a certain time. As it stands now, Wake will have 13 scholarship players next season. If Wake ends up losing another transfer, then I anticipate Danny Manning to fill that spot with another freshman.

Wake currently has one player committed for the class of 2016 (Brandon Childress), which means that they can currently add an additional four players to that class. Overton was the only sophomore on the team, so Wake will not lose any players due to graduation prior to the 2017 class.

Based on our position allocation, I would expect us to target several wing players for the 2016 class.