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Wake Forest vs. Bucknell GIF Recap

The Deacs pulled out a win over Bucknell 60-53.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

I am experimenting with the size of the GIFs so that they are more optimal for viewing on mobile devices. If you are using a computer and would like to see a bigger version, simply click on the GIF. Hopefully this will allow everyone to be able to view the GIFs regardless of the device they are using. If not, I'll continue tweaking and experimenting until I get it right.

Now that that's out of the way, lets get on to the game. This game was a tale of two halves. The first half seemed like this game was going to be an easy win for the Deacs. Wake Forest got up big to start the game thanks to some good jump shooting from Codi Miller-McIntyre. I really like the way Codi has been shooting the last couple of games. If he can keep hitting pull up jumpers consistently, he will be extremely difficult to guard.

Devin Thomas also had a good first half. He was able to get inside position and score easy baskets and grab a few offensive rebounds.

Devin gets good position and is able to get to his dominant left hand for the easy two points. Bucknell also struggled to keep the Deacs off the offensive glass, and Devin is able to rebound his own miss and put it back in for two points.

This is a beautiful alley-oop off the lob from Madison Jones to Greg McClinton. It was set up by a nice weave exchange on the perimeter. At this point in the game, the Deacs went up 18-4 and it looked like this might be an easy win. Another part of this big lead was due to the Deacs playing excellent defense.

The Deacs were able to get into the passing lanes to get some nice deflection that led to steals. When the ball went inside, the Deacs collapsed and were able to force bad passes which also led to a few Bison turnovers. The defense would remain pretty good throughout the entire game, as the Bison ended the game shooting just 28.6% from the field and had 16 turnovers.

What looked like an easy win for the Deacs quickly turned into a competitive game in the second half as Bucknell made a comeback fueled by junior guard Chris Hass. This run was also aided by Wake Forest shooting just 36% and missing 15 free throws.

Here, Hass drives the baseline and gets an easy dunk, followed by hitting a difficult three point shot coming off a couple of screens. Hass would end the game with 26 points, including 4 3-pointers and making all 10 of his free throws.

The Deacs went on a run late in the game to increase their lead, but the game was finally sealed on this 3-point basket from freshman guard Cornelius Hudson.

CMM drives and kicks out to Hudson who is wide open in the corner. Despite shooting 0-4 before this point, he shoots the ball with confidence and buries the 3. The way he holds the follow through after the shot, its clear he knew it was down the moment it left his hand. The Bison had managed to get the game back within 5, and this dagger 3 pretty much put away any hopes of the comeback.

The bright spot in this game was clearly Greg McClinton. He ended the game with 10 points on 4-5 shooting, and showed amazing hustle the whole night, ending the game with 5 offensive rebounds.

For example, on this play, McClinton gets good position and gets an easy put back after the Miller-McIntyre miss. Then, on the only shot he missed in the game, he gets his own rebound between 3 Bucknell players and puts it right back in for the basket.

Late in the game, McClinton also got an impressive and-1 on a drive that would put the Deacs up by 10. Even after the foul and the shot, he's still goes to get the rebound. That's just great hustle.

It was a struggle, but in the end, the Deacs got the job done and got the W.