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Wake Forest Reverses Alma Mater Band Decision

Cause the players tried to take the field, The marching band refused to yield, Do you recall what was revealed, The day the music died?

Streeter Lecka

According to several sources, Wake Forest has reversed its decision to not allow the Spirit of the Old Gold and Black to play the Alma Mater following sporting events.

Several hours ago Blogger So Dear was made aware of a decision to ban the Alma Mater from being played. It was met with great disdain from nearly every person that was reached by the news.

It was cited that the outpouring from several social media sites and calls fielded already by the Athletic Department made the decision makers aware of how much "Mother So Dear" means to Wake Forest fans.

Although it is still unclear who made the initial decision, or the subsequent reversal decision, we at Blogger So Dear are proud that it the Alma Mater will continue to be played.

One might think that by simply inquiring and reaching out to Wake Forest fans before this decision was made would have saved face for the University as a whole about this entire topic.

Blogger So Dear has reached out to the Wake Forest AD and Communications Office, but have yet to hear back. We will update if any comment is made.

EDITOR'S UPDATE : Wake Forest offered a comment on the matter. "After each season the Wake Forest athletics staff evaluates our game production and considers changes that would improve the fan experience. Based upon our observations and some fan feedback from last year, we decided to discontinue playing the Alma Mater. The feedback we have received since has been overwhelmingly in favor of returning the Alma Mater to the postgame play list and we will do so immediately beginning with the November 14th game against UNC Asheville."