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Delaware State Predictions

With the Deacons rolling into Friday's contest at 4-2, the BSD crew gives their predictions on what to expect tonight against Delaware State.

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The prediction standings will be updated prior to the Minnesota game, but for now let's take a look at what the crew thinks will happen tonight. Riley had a solid showing on Wednesday night, missing the final score against Mount St. Mary's by a mere six points. While Matt picked the correct score, he gave the Mount a little bit too much credit and ultimately missed the final by 27 points. I take the blame for that one as the previous article pointed out that Matt was the lone person to have neither made the best or worst pick so far this season.

What should we expect from the game tonight? Here are the Blogger So Dear picks:

Riley: Wake 88-55

Rob: Wake 80-65

Jake: Wake 78-53

Bart: Wake 83-56

Chris: Wake 75-60

Matt: Wake 89-69

Griffin: Wake 89-52

Shayn: Wake 72-61

BSD Average: Wake 82-59

KenPom: Wake 75-60 (95% chance of Wake winning)

The BSD crew believes again that the Demon Deacons will score more than the metrics bear out. This is likely due in part to Wake playing a little bit better as of recently against severely overmatched opponents. KenPom is also likely understating Wake's current level of play due to a large amount of playing time from subs while coach Danny Manning tinkers with lineups leading up to more difficult matchups than the foes from this week.

The game tips of at 7 P.M. so make it out to the Joel if you're in town and check out the Deacs who have been playing really well recently. If you can't make it, tune in to ESPN3 or listen to Stan Cotten. As always, go Deacs!