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Ten (and then some) things to be thankful for as Deacon Fans

In honor of Turkey Day, the Rollin' Ronin decides to list ten things Demon Deacon related, with a few bonus answers from other BSD staffers.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

In this special time, literally my favorite holiday of the year, I figured I'd make my return to BSD with a Thanksgiving-themed piece.  Here's a list of ten things I'm thankful for as a Demon Deac,

1. Black and Gold

Classiest color combo in college athletics, y'all.  I'll fight anyone who disagrees.

2. #TheRivalry

Anything that can make two fanbases engage in a quasi-ironic hate feud is awesome.  I hope it continues forever.  Shouts out to BC Interruption, Boston College, and #TheRivalry in general.

3. New Beginnings

Coaches Clawson and Manning both have me thankful.  No disrespect to the previous regimes, but having this new energy and in the case of hoops, early successes is like having a new lease on life.  I just love it, guys.  Sports are fun again.  We may have a long way to go to get to our ideal chapter, but at least I feel like we're reading from the right book.

4. Causing the internet to laugh

FrankBeamerFistPumpingAt0-0TieScore.jpg is wildly popular in the internet circles we frequent, and I'm glad to have given joy to others through hilarious (and I mean this in the most loving way) ineptitude.  BEAMERBALL, FOLKS.

5. Demon Deacon Football Defense

Straight up beast mode, fellas.  You guys killed it this season and I'm thankful for the Demon Deacon spirit demonstrated by the whole football team this year.  Talk about scrapping and refusing to die across the board.  Props to Coach Clawson for instilling that fight.  It'll take us a long way.

6. Mitchell Wilbekin Jumpers

'Nuff said.  So fresh and so clean.

7. A Personable Hoops Squad

The roundball Deacs in my experiences are, to a man, friendly, classy, and a credit to the university.  I hope they remain positive and hungry, and I hope they get to heights they absolutely deserve to.  Get it, guys.

8. The Alma Mater

I belt that thing, every word, after every game.  I'm thankful the athletic department reversed their decision on that.  It's a huge part of the Wake Forest experience.

9. There's Always Tailgates

Even when things don't work out on the field, well, as my dude Rob says, Win The Tailgate, y'all.

10. Blogger So Dear

The platform to write, my fellow staffers, and all our readers, listeners, and commenters...I love it all.  I love each and every one of you.  Have a Duncan-quality Thanksgiving, everybody.  :)


Bart says:

That's a great idea. I'm thankful for the close-knit community we have, the feel of being back on campus, and the joy of sitting down and watching Wake sporting events while enjoying a delicious adult beverage.

Griffin says:

I am thankful to not have class on Tuesdays.  (SF note: It's been a hot minute, but I retroactively agree with this.)

Jenn says:

I'm thankful that the Wake community has let this West Coast girl into this Southern boys' club - to quote the poet of our generation (Taylor Swift), "You know I love the players and you love the game."

Riley says:

I wish I could "like" emails. T-Swizzy 4 Lyfe.

So apparently, Taylor Swift will be thanked around tables across America.  That's swell.

What are you guys thankful for?  Tell us in the comments!  Be safe, healthy, happy, and full to bursting with awesome food, you guys.  Much love.