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Wake Forest vs. Nicholls State: Game Thread (TV & Odds)

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest (2-2) vs. Nicholls State (0-2)

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Channel: ESPN3

Vegas Line: None

Ken Pom Line: Wake 78-62 (93% win probability)

Tonight's contest against Nicholls State marks what should be the beginning of at least a 3-game winning streak. Our three opponents this week are ranked 319th, 266th and 296th according to Ken Pomeroy's rankings.

One thing I'll be watching for is if our transition defense improved from Friday's loss to Iona. Too many times we got beat down the court for easy buckets just because we lacked focus and effort. I'll also be watching to see how our rotation continues to change. Against Iona we saw more of Mitchell Wilbekin and Darius Leonard, while less of Aaron Rountree and Greg McClinton. We should have a very good night in the post and we should play well defensively given Nicholls State's inability to score.

Share your thoughts about the Deacs with fellow Wake Forest fans as you watch the game.

As always, go Deacs!