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Wake Forest-Nicholls State Predictions

After a rough loss to Iona where only one writer correctly picked the upset, the BSD crew looks to get back on track against Nicholls State.

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Iona made us all look like fools as we nearly unanimously picked the Demon Deacons to move to 3-1 on the season last Friday, only to have the Gaels pull the 85-81 road upset. The lone person to pick Iona is the revered Jake who remains the only undefeated picker through four games - besting even the BSD average and Ken Pomeroy's picks thus far. Wake sits at 2-2 on the season, let's see where the BSD staff sits through four games:

Overall Leaderboard

1. Jake (4-0, 62 points); LW: 2

2. Griffin (3-1, 67 points); LW: 4

3. Matt (3-1, 70 points); LW: 5

4. Shayn (3-1, 75 points); LW: 1

5. Riley (3-1, 79 points); LW: 3

6. Rob (3-1, 81 points); LW: 6

7. Chris (2-2, 72 points); LW: 7

8. Bart (2-2, 87 points); LW: 8

Other Picks

KenPom (3-1, 62 points)

BSD Average (3-1, 66 points)

While the bottom three remained the same, as both Chris and I fell to 2-2 on the season like the Demon Deacons, there were a lot of changes among the five guys who were undefeated entering the Iona game. Jake rose to the top by picking Iona and also has the fewest points accrued with 62. With a handful of gimmes upcoming the predicted scores will become more important and the writers will need to do a good job of figuring out the pace of the next three teams. Let's check the best and worst picks so far to see which writers have been consistently good (or bad):

Best Pick Award

Jake (2)

Chris (1)

Shayn (1)

Worst Pick Award

Griffin (1)

Bart (1)

Rob (1)

Shayn (1)

With the best pick against Iona, coupled with his best pick earlier last week against Tulane, Jake becomes the first predictor to win multiple best or worst picks. Shayn joined the worst pick crew by picking a Wake win on Friday and then missing the score by 32 points - the worst of the night. Will someone be joining the worst of the worst or will one of the four already on the list become the first multiple worst pick "winner?" Let's check out the picks for tonight:

Riley: Wake 86-60

Rob: Wake 80-60

Jake: Wake 81-59

Bart: Wake 83-62

Chris: Wake 88-70

Matt: Wake 85-61

Griffin: Wake 79-57

Shayn: Wake 75-61

BSD Average: Wake 82-61

KenPom: Wake 79-63 (93% chance of Wake winning)

The game thread will be open around 6-6:30 so drop by and chat about the game as you watch the Deacs on ESPN3. For those of you in Winston, the game tips at 7 P.M. at the Joel. As always, go Deacs!