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Iona Predictions

After a tough road loss to Arkansas, what does the BSD staff expect tonight against Iona?

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The good news for the staff predictions for Wednesday night's game was that all the writers correctly picked Arkansas to win, the bad news was essentially everything else that happened in Fayetteville but that's neither here nor there for this article. Shayn captured his first "best pick" by predicting a 73-61 Arkansas victory, which was off by the actual 83-53 final by 18 points. Rob on the other hand accrued his first "worst pick" by taking Arkansas 80-78, thus exposing himself to a vicious miss on Wake's score by 25 points.

Let's check out the best and worst picks through three games:

Best Pick Award

Chris (1)

Jake (1)

Shayn (1)

Worst Pick Award

Griffin (1)

Bart (1)

Rob (1)

Interestingly enough nobody has had the best and worst pick through a small three game sample size, but perhaps that will change with tonight's game. With a solid pick on Wednesday, Shayn was able to break the three-way tie atop the leaderboard and establish a meager four-point lead over Jake entering today. On the other hand, I remain at the bottom but never fear there is plenty of time for a #comeback.


Shayn (3-0, 43 points)

Jake (3-0, 47 points)

Riley (3-0, 50 points)

Griffin (3-0, 53 points)

Matt (3-0, 56 points)

Rob (3-0, 57 points)

Chris (2-1, 51 points)

Bart (2-1, 61 points)

Other Picks

BSD Average (3-0, 45 points)

KenPom (3-0, 45 points)

The BSD crew is holding steady and sits tied with Mr. Pomeroy through three games. Shayn's impressive 3-0 start with 43 points slightly bests both the BSD overall average and KenPom, so that's something that he can throw on his resume moving forward. Let's see what everyone picked for tonight:

Riley: Wake 74-63

Rob: Wake 75-67

Jake: Iona 78-73

Bart: Wake 71-69

Chris: Wake 75-70

Matt: Wake 89-79

Griffin: Wake 76-67

Shayn: Wake 68-66

BSD Average: Wake 75-70

KenPom: Wake 76-73 (61% chance of Wake winning)

Come hang out and chat in the game thread tonight as the game is ongoing if you can't make it out to the Joel. The game starts at 8:30 but is part of a doubleheader with the Wake women who are taking on Marquette. If that game runs long, the men's game could be slightly delayed. The game will be on ESPN3. As always, go Deacs!