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Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech Preview: Q and A with Gobbler Country

Justin Cates of Gobbler Country was nice enough to stop by and answer some questions about Virginia Tech ahead of the Deacs-Hokies tilt tomorrow afternoon at 12:30.

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BSD: It's been a couple of mediocre years for Virginia Tech following a long run of sustained success. Where is the Tech fanbase on Frank Beamer right now?

GC: There are two major camps. The first says Beamer needs to go immediately and the other says he can stay as long as he wants. As with much of life, the answer likely lies somewhere in between. The transition has to be discussed and planned for, but the idea of firing or forcing Beamer to retire after this season is ludicrous and insulting.

BSD: The Hokies got a huge road win against Duke last weekend and now just need a win against either Wake or Virginia to become bowl eligible. Does that make this a successful season for Virginia Tech?

GC: No not really. It does salvage something out of a complete train wreck which is commendable, but this team has had a lot of issues that simply shouldn't occur. Even if Tech wins out and wins a bowl game to finish 8-5, this season has been symptomatic of some larger issues within the program and won't be fondly remembered by anyone.

BSD: Junior transfer Michael Brewer has had an up-and-down year, what can Wake fans expect to see out of him this weekend? Do you believe he will be the go-to guy moving forward?

GC: It's hard to say because he's been so unpredictable. I wouldn't look for the Hokies to challenge the talented Wake secondary too much downfield often. We'll probably throw a half-dozen screen passes and quick routes over the middle. We'll also see backup QB Brenden Motley who saw his first career playing time against Duke. He'll run a version of the wildcat to take some pressure off Brewer and supplement the running game.

BSD: What do you believe is the strongest sector for Virginia Tech this weekend? The weakest?

GC: The Hokie defensive line has been very strong even with some injuries. They have a favorable match up against Wake's inconsistent O-Line. On the other side Tech's O-Line has really struggled at times this season as well, both protecting the quarterback and getting the run game going.

BSD: Who on the defensive side of the ball does Wake need to stay away from to find success?

GC: Defensive end Dadi Nicolas. He leads Tech with 7.5 sacks and 27 quarterback hurries this season. Nicolas has incredible speed and has been a force for the defense this season. Ken Ekanem at the other defensive slot has been very good too with 6 sacks, but Nicolas is the one who makes things go.

BSD: Prediction for the game?

GC: I think the Hokies should win comfortably, but Wake's tendency to play teams fairly close and Tech's inability to close out games makes me nervous. To borrow from Lee Corso, this one will be closer than the experts think.

Virginia Tech 21
Wake Forest 14

Thanks to Justin Cates of Gobbler Country for stopping by and answering some questions with us about Virginia Tech.