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Wake Forest vs. Arkansas: GIF Recap

Blogger So Dear takes a look at what happened Wednesday against Arkansas.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas has a super athletic team and obviously saw some tape of Wake Forest's previous games because they pressured the ball for about whole game. The Deacs had a lot of trouble getting the ball down the court and had too many turnovers that led to easy baskets for Arkansas.

The full court press really troubled the Deacs. Here, Madison Jones tries to get the ball to Aaron Rountree but it's stolen and leads to an easy alley oop dunk for Arkansas. One problem is that the whole team is on the other side of the court while Madison tries to bring the ball down by himself against the press, and by the time they come back to help him, it's too late.

Another costly turnover leads to another alley oop for Arkansas. Easy baskets like this put the Deacs in a big hole early in the game.

Basically the exact same thing as before. Another turnover leads to a fast break dunk for the Razorbacks.

This is probably the best series of events Arkansas will have all year. A spectacular block, followed by the diving save leads to a transition three. This Arkansas team loves to run up and down the court and fast break, and the Deacs allowed them to do that all game with costly turnovers.

Another factor that played into the 30 point loss for the Deacs was the fact that Arkansas couldn't miss. It seems like every shot they hoisted to the goal somehow found a way to go in.

This is like an NBA 3-pointer with two guys pretty close playing defense. If this shot goes in, there isn't really much you can do about it.

I didn't realize Kobe played for the Razorbacks. There are guys in the NBA that would struggle with this shot, but it was just one of those nights for Arkansas, who ended up shooting over 50%.

While the Deacs did get blown out by 30, there were still some positives to take away from the game. One positive was the ball movement. The Deacs continued to move the ball and find open shots, they just couldn't make any of them.

Rountree draws a double team and makes a great pass out to Mitchell Wilbekin for a wide open three, but he misses it. The Deacs struggled mightily from behind the arc all night, going just 1-18.

This a great possession of ball movement for Wake Forest. The ball gets swung all over the court quickly, and Madison Jones is able to find Devin Thomas for an easy layup.

A second positive was that Devin Thomas is still really good. Here he gets the pass on the post up, and makes a quick move to his left for an easy basket. He finished with 19 points.

Here is some more quick ball movement that gets Cornelius Hudson wide open for 3, and after going 0-14 from downtown, Hudson makes the first three of the night for Wake Fores

Not being able to make open shots, while the other team can't miss is a recipe for disaster. Add in the turnovers leading to dunks for Arkansas and you end up with a 30 point loss.