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Wake Forest 71 Tulane 49: Game Analysis

Ball movement fueled the Deacs' 22 point victory over Tulane.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest dominated Tulane last evening en route to a 71-49 victory over the Green Wave. I broke down specific examples of Wake's vastly improved ball movement in half court sets.

The Deacs got up big early in the first half because of their ability to move the ball quickly and get open shots.

The Green Wave send a double team at Devin Thomas and he is able to find Mitchell Wilbekin spotted up in the corner for a wide open 3.

This may be the best ball movement I've seen from a Wake Forest team in 5 years. The ball gets moved quickly causing the defense to scramble and Miles Overton ends up with a wide open 3.

Not sure what zone the Green Wave are supposed to be in but they leave Devin Thomas wide open under the goal. CMM makes a beautiful no look pass to Devin for the dunk.

As the first half closed, the Deacs saw their lead diminish due to a run by the Green Wave. Tulane started to pressure the ball more leading to some bad turnovers from Wake Forest, giving Tulane some easy fast break points.

Here's just 1 example of what happened during that Tulane run. CMM tries to dribble out of the pressure and turns the ball over, leading to an easy layup on the other end for the Green Wave.

In the second half, the Deacs got back to moving the ball and handled the Tulane pressure much better.

Probably the best play of the night, Wilbekin gets a steal and dishes it to Hudson for a very impressive dunk in traffic.

More great passing here from Wake Forest. Devin Thomas makes a beautiful high-low pass to Darius Leonard for an easy layup.

The Deacs beat the full court pressure here by quickly passing the ball down court. The defense isn't set and Aaron Rountree makes a great pass to Devin Thomas for another dunk.

Devin repays the favor a few plays later and finds Tree for an open jumper as the shot clock expires. The Deacs went on to win the game by 22.