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UNC-Asheville: Predictions

The Blogger So Dear staff are making predictions this year and take their stab at the first game: UNC-Asheville

Andy Lyons

Well basketball season is back upon us, tipping off tonight at 7 so let's jump into the predictions from the Blogger So Dear crew to see what they expect to see. We will be tracking the predictions across the season and at the end of the year, one writer will be crowned the official BSD Prediction Champion. They may or may not get a small prize - I haven't decided yet.

Each article will include writer's picks and following the first game, there will be an update in each prediction post for the standings. The winner at the end of the season is the person who finishes the year with the best overall record. In the event of a tie, the tiebreak is how many points they have missed the final score by over the course of the year. If you picked Wake to win 100-50 tonight and they only win 90-60, you are 1-0 and you have 20 points (10 points off the Wake score, 10 points off the UNCA score). Pretty straightforward so let's jump right in:

Griffin: Wake 72-64

Rob: Wake 75-65

Riley: Wake 82-64

WakeJake: Wake 78-62

Shayn: Wake 75-67

Chris: Wake 85-69

Bart: Wake 84-73

BSD Average: Wake 79-66

KenPom: Wake 81-70 (85% chance of winning)

If you want to make picks along with us please do in the comment section below. Get out to the LJVM tonight to support the Deacs as the Danny Manning era begins and the new faces of the Wake basketball team play their first ever official game. If you can't make it out, the game is on ESPN3 at 7 P.M. and should be available on various other (likely not legal) avenues on the internet if your cable provider does not support ESPN3. As always, go Deacs!