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Harry Giles & Wesleyan Christian Win 79-53

Find out how 2016 Wake Forest basketball recruits looked in their season opener.

Francois Nel

November 11th had been marked as "The Return" of Harry Giles, who is arguably the best junior in high school basketball. Giles started off a little sluggish, but later flourished to finish with 13 points on 50% shooting, with 13 rounds, and 4 blocks. (h/t Justin Easter @easter1129) The building got very quiet midway through the third quarter when Giles went down to the ground, but the preliminary diagnosis is that he only suffered severe cramping. Still, Wesleyan won by a convincing score of 79-53. Here are some thoughts on the Wake Forest prospects.

Harry Giles - He's sensational. Not much else to say about Giles that we don't already know. He is so gifted for someone his size, and had a number of excellent passes as well.

Kwe Parker - Parker's athleticism is from another planet. I wasn't sure whether I was watching high school basketball or Space Jam for the 92nd time. He was on the receiving end of a number of alley-oops, and also showed nice touch on his free throws. What's refreshing about Parker is that he uses his elite athleticism on the defensive end. His hands are so fast and he is constantly getting in passing lanes and forcing turnovers.

Brandon Childress - Childress is currently committed to the Demon Deacons and will be part of the 2016 recruiting class. Brandon finished with 19 points and 7 assists. He was just 1-6 from beyond the arc, but was 8-9 from the charity stripe. He is somewhat short, but he is physical and has good speed and quickness. Towards the end of the game he did a good job of attacking the basket and showing good touch off glass. He is still developing into a point guard, but he's only one game into his junior year. Overall, he has a good looking jumper and is definitely a high major player.

Jalen Johnson - Johnson does not get much publicity due to his teammates, but I came away impressed with Johnson's game. He has a good looking jump shot, and good athleticism (as made evident from the Vine below). When he jumps he just keeps floating. He is skinny, but has long arms and certainly has the potential to play at the high major level. Wake Forest has interest in Johnson and he's one to keep an eye on.