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#HotSportsTake: Why Wake Forest Will Defeat Florida State


Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Come Saturday it is not going to matter what happened last week, last season or even that these teams have split wins in their last 8 meetings. No one is going to be thinking about which team has more 5-star athletes, their records or even the allegations that booster club members are "misappropriaing" between $500,000 to $700,000, Ha! You know what is going to matter? Morale.

The Wake Forest defense has exceed expectations after losing a lot of good players. Heck, just last week Tylor Harris was named the ACC defensive lineman of the week after recovering 3 fumbles, including one for a touchdown. The defense dominated LOSIEVILLE, despite losing the best corner in the ACC, and future NFL STUD, Kevin Johnson. KJ (Kevin Johnson) was kicked out of the game after making a clean hit. It was a load of crap and the refs were just trying give pretty boy Rick Petrino a home win because he doesn't do too well on the road! I think they had a little bit of cash on the game, Ha! The Deacs were totally ripped off in that game and if they would have had KJ it would have gone completely different.

On the other hand, the SEAminoles offense should be hungry (perhaps for some seafood) after putting up a few points on a terrible North Carolina State team but this game isn't going to be played in a Publix, Ha! It is going to be played on a football field. Jimbob FISHer likes for his offense to have the ball but I don't think that strategy will bode well for him! Because the DEACfense have been scoring most of our points anyways. The way I look at it we are actually at a huge advantage when the other team has the ball.

Florida State's defense is usually pretty good, but Wake Forest is not the state attorney's office and there won't be any witness tampering in this one, HA! In fact, I've got some probable cause to believe the Nole's defense could be in some real trouble! His name is John Wolford and he dominates football games in Florida, he broke all of Tim Tebow's records! It is hard not to have unrealistic exprectations because he is just a freshman but Johnny Football is from Jacksonville just like Wake legend Riley Skinner! In 2006 Skinner and the Deacs tore the noles some new holes by the tune of 30-0. I really don't think them being from the same place is a coincidence.

Another huge problem with F$U's defense is that they are always getting some of the best recruits. That is a huge problem if you think about it. Why you say? WELL, when you are constantly getting some of the best players they are more likely to go to the NFL. When those guys are in the NFL they can't play in college too. They lost 3 defensive guys to the NFL last year and Wake lost 0, so you do the math.

All in all I think this is going to be a pretty good game, and I am kinda surprised it won't be on College Gameday. If the Deacfense can find a way to stay on the field and the refs don't start kicking people out, I really like our chances. In fact, F$U better get a press conference ready because there is going to be a lot of innappropriate language coming from the student union when another one of Mr. Heisman's advances are turned down and he can't score, HA!


FSU 11