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Wake Forest Basketball Recruiting: Black & Gold Madness Visitors

Which basketball recruits attended last Friday's Black & Gold Madness?

Francois Nel

There was no shortage of talent attending Friday night's Black & Gold Madness event on Wake Forest's campus. The biggest attraction attraction was 2016 Harry Giles, who is arguably the best player in his class and has a legitimate chance to be the number 1 pick in whichever NBA Draft he chooses to enter.

The event also featured 2 additional 2016 4-star recruits in Sach Killeya-Jones and Brandon Childress (committed). The notable 2017 recruits in attendance were 4-star point guard Lavar Batts ,5-star point guard Blake Harris, and 3-star wing David Caraher. Caraher may "just" be a 3-star, but he is receiving strong interest from Virginia, Clemson and Wake Forest.

Check out the highlight videos below.

Harry Giles - 2016 5-star PF

Sacha Killeya-Jones - 2016 4-star PF

Lavar Batts - 2017 4-star PG

Brandon Childress - 2016 4-star PG (Committed)

Blake Harris - 2017 PG 5-star

David Caraher- 2017 SF 3-star