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What They Said - Wake Forest vs. Boston College

Quotes from the Wake Forest-Boston College postgame press conference on Saturday, October 25.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Dave Clawson

"I am really proud of how hard the guys competed. At halftime it certainly could have gone in another direction, especially after last week. The foundation of our program is we are guys who go out there and fight and compete and that is certainly a great foundation to build on. Our offense had 260 yards in the second half against one of the best defenses in the ACC but in the first half we had almost no production and you can't wait until the second half. We've got to come out early and move the ball better. As well as we've played on defense that is the third time we've had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter and didn't do it. We're learning some painful lessons. Again, I'm really proud of how our guys compete and battle and at the end of the day if they do that you have to be proud. we've got a lot of things to lean up. We'e early in this process and if we can establish effort as a starting point then we are headed in the right direction."

"We have taken ourselves out of so many games this year because of how much we throw the ball and turn it over. We really wanted to come out and try to establish a running game. We played against a football team that has 33 juniors and seniors in their two-deep that has spent the last three or four summers of their lives lifting weights and they physically overwhelmed us. That's where we are as a program. We aren't as strong or as physical as we need to be. We're very young in a lot of our lineman positions but that is part of a rebuild. We will get a little stronger every year. That takes time, you can't fix that in one week or one month. But we will fix it. We've already taken steps to fix that and it will get better in time."

"It's great on the sidelines. The kids are in to the game. Our guys battled and played hard. The crowd was into the game and it was great to see them give us some energy."

"He [John Wolford] forced it [the interception in the fourth quarter]. And that is a young quarterback. I really like how competitive he is and how much courage he has. He'll push the ball places but that is what's really hard for a young quarterback in a two-minute drill. That wasn't the time to push it. We had two minutes left, three timeouts and it was first down. It is okay to throw it away. That is a valuable lesson he will learn."

Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle Josh Banks

"It was tough. We started a bit slow, but halftime we brought it together, we made a big turn the second half. But, we had to just keep on moving and keep things on our side."

"There was just typical stuff in the first half. They didn't really bring anything to the table there we just had to make sure we saw things in all places, which we did correct in the second half."

"It was a close game, we just have to toughen up and we need to make sure we are ready for what is coming at us next."

Sophomore Offensive Linesman Cory Helms

"We just executed better. We did things a little bit different with some play action but we just executed better."

"Well right now we're trying not to hang our heads but we know it was a tough loss, especially since we really think we played really good in the second half. If we had played better in the first half, we could easily have won that game. Right now I think morale is try to win the next four games and go to a bowl game. You have to have seven losses not to go to a bowl game, and we have six. That's the morale right now, and playing for the seniors since it's their last go-around."

"It does build confidence especially in the game, when we drive all the way down the field for a field goal. We knew that we could do that again so that lead to the other ones coming on. It should build confidence going into the Clemson game since they'll  be a top-20 team."

"I mean our team is full of fighters, everybody fights. That showed up in summer workouts, so there's never going to be a minute where we stop going hard. We just have to win games."

Freshman Quarterback John Wolford

"Any game the goal is to win. We're disappointed that we lost. You can look at positive things like the comeback but overall, your goal is to win and we weren't able to do that."

"I thought I had a back shoulder throw. I was trying to make a play and I forced it. You just wish you could take that play back...I have to learn from that. I have to let it go and move on."

"We were really able to open up our passing game. The [offensive] line did a great job. That's the best they've played, I thought, protection wise."