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Know The Enemy: Q&A with BC Interruption #TheRivalry

Blogger So Dear was joined by the Boston College SBNation equivalent in BC Interruption to talk some Wake and BC football.

Winslow Townson

BC Interruption is one the better SB Nation websites out there and we are fortunate to have BC Hysteria join us for a quick Q&A to learn about Boston College.

1. Boston College has primarily beaten teams they were supposed to beat and lost to teams they were supposed to lose to. The primary exception is obviously the win over Southern Cal in Week 3. At 4-3 through 7 weeks, what is the fan's outlook on the season so far?

I think most fans knew going into this season that 2014 was going to be a roller coaster. Most fans are staying pretty grounded about their expectations, but there is of course this underlying optimism that BC still has another upset in their belt. We thought it was going to happen last weekend, but of course that didn't happen. Overall though BC fans are pretty happy with the progress of the season.

2. Even with the loss of Andre Williams, Boston College is still committed to running the football, and doing so very well, ranking 2nd in the ACC (and really first if you exclude Georgia Tech), at 287 yards per game. What has been the recipe for success in the ground game this year?

There have been a few things that have helped BC be effective on the ground. First they have had a solid stable of backs that have helped move the ball, leading off with Tyler Murphy the QB (I see this question is below so I will elaborate later). Add that on to a fierce, physical veteran offensive line and you have one of the best rushing attacks in the country. Add in dual threat wide receiver who is 5'6 Sherm Alston and you have a dynamic offense. Also look for true freshman Jon Hilliman to lead that attack against Wake Forest this weekend.

3. Sr. QB Tyler Murphy has looked very good running the ball this year, but has been hit or miss through the air. What does Wake Forest need to do to stop him from having an effective game on Saturday?

If Wake can contain him and keep him in the pocket that is the best way to neutralize Tyler Murphy. Pittsburgh was very good at limiting his scrambles and forcing him to use his arm, but for the most part Murphy has been able to scramble at will against most defenses.

4. How scared are you of Alex Kinal shattering Ryan Quigley's ACC punting record? If you haven't seen the numbers, you should be very, very afraid.

I am so sorry. BC fans will gladly do anything in their power to help erase Quigley's punting record. Anything that will help rid us of the stink of Frank Spaziani.

5. Here it is....who wins #TheRivalry this year and by how much?

Wake's offense has been brutal, and BC's defense has really stepped up lately. I think it's going to be a long day for the Deacons on offense, and if they allow BC's d to dictate the game they are going to be in for a long game. Watch for linebacker Josh Keyes to have a big game, he's a speedy linebacker that is a nightmare for quarterbacks. No disrespect to ya'll, but I am going to go with something on the line of BC 30 Wake 13.