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ACC-Notre Dame Games Announced Through 2025

The ACC made a huge announcement this afternoon, and it involves Wake Forest.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC announced on Tuesday afternoon playing dates with Notre Dame through the 2025 football season. Wake Forest was previously schedules to host the Fighting Irish next season, but will instead travel to South Bend, Indiana. That game is scheduled for November 14th.

Other future Notre Dame games:

  • 2017 at Notre Dame on November 4th
  • 2018 at Wake Forest on November 17th
  • 2020 at Wake Forest (Date TBD)
  • 2023 at Notre Dame (Date TBD)
Full listing of Notre Dame-ACC games can be found here.

This means Wake Forest will have six home games yet again in 2015. The Demon Deacons will host Elon on September 5th, Indiana on September 26th as well as 4 ACC home games. The ACC home games include Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina State and Duke.

The Notre Dame game next year was probably not going to be a win in the first place, but this even further reduces Wake's chances. Additionally, it's always helpful to have 7 home football games for both football and basketball recruiting. Coach Clawson has said this would be his ideal schedule.