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Keep Your Enemies Close: Boston College Q & A

As the Wake Forest-Boston College games approaches, Wake fans have plenty they need to know and learn about the Eagles from Chestnut Hill


A.J. Black of BC Interruption and Bart Johnston of Blogger So Dear sat down and had a little conversation about the upcoming game in #therivalry between Boston College and Wake Forest. For Bart's answers about Wake Forest check out BC Interruption here. A.J. talks about 2013 expectations for the Eagles and gives us some insight into what he expects from the game on Friday night. As always it was a lot of fun to chat with the guys over at BC Interruption who do a great job of covering Boston College athletics. They are a must read leading up to the game this week.

Blogger So Dear: This will mark year one of the Steve Addazio era. So far he has appeared to have a pretty positive impact on recruiting and looks to be day and night when compared to the Frank Spaziani years. Is there a lot of tangible excitement about not only this year, but the future with Addazio in charge? How full is the Addazio bandwagon at this point?

BC Interruption: I think there is a bit more excitement in the fanbase right now, which isn't tough saying the fanbase was pretty much comatose the last two seasons. Recruiting news has been very exciting, but what really is going to be needed is wins. If BC beats Villanova and Wake, Addazio in a week could have as many wins as Frank Spaziani had in a season. The bandwagon is warm right now, and the more we here him talk the more get on, but I think there is plenty of room left for people to join.

BSD: Boston College's non-conference schedule features Villanova, a trip to LA to play USC, a home game against Army, and a lengthy road trip to take on New Mexico State. What do you expect to happen in these four non-conference games? If you had to predict a record in these games what would it be?

BCI: BC should go 3-1 in these four games. There is absolutely no reason the Eagles shouldn't march right past Villanova, New Mexico State and Army. Yes I know, BC lost to Army last year, but they were grossly unprepared, and the main culprit for that mismanagement is gone and I can't imagine Addazio will be unprepared for a team like Army. USC is an interesting game, especially if Marqise Lee is hurt. They have a brand new QB, and a coach I have little respect for. Many BC fans think if the Eagles were to sneak a win in against a heavily favored team it might be the Trojans.

BSD: Chase Rettig has been through a lot in his career, and in some ways appears to be relatively similar to Wake's four-year starter at quarterback Tanner Price. What do BC fans want to see from Rettig this year and how good can this guy be?

BCI: Most BC fans at this point just feel pity for Rettig. Five offensive coordinators in four years for the QB from California. Not only that, but he has had zero support on the offensive line, and a minimal running running game. He has shown flashes of being an All ACC QB, but then makes mistakes that ruin a game. I think this could be a big year for Rettig. Last season OC Doug Martin threw the entire game plan on his arm, and against good D's they floundered. New OC Ryan Day is much more run focused, which I think will play to Rettig's strength as a game manager. Throw the ball 25-30 times a game, and he should be fine.

BSD: BC's first big challenge this year will be this week when Wake Forest comes into Chestnut Hill for a Friday night nationally televised game. Both teams to be 1-0 coming off match ups with FCS schools and Alumni Stadium should be rocking. How big a game do you think the Wake-BC matchup is for confidence moving forward for both sides (not even counting the impact of #TheRivalry)?

BCI: Game of the year. No seriously, at least for both of these teams. BC is going to playing their first ACC opponent under a new head coach, and Wake is a team that many BC fans think the Eagles could beat. This is going to be a tempo setter for the remainder of the season. We all will really get to see what the Eagles are made of. I didn't look past Villanova, but my god I can't wait for the Wake Forest game.

BSD: What are your predictions for BC this year? I've seen "experts" slot BC pretty solidly in the bottom three in the division with a lot of guys putting the Eagles in last place. I think with a few lucky bounces so to speak the Eagles could be a lot better than people think. What would you consider to be the worst-case and best-case scenario for the team, as well as a realistic thought on what we will see from Boston College?

BCI: I have said it a few times now, and the more I think about it, the more confident I feel. BC will be bowling this year. I think the Eagles have a hand full of winnable games, and there is something about this staff and the feel in the locker room that makes me feel like the Eagles could win a game they aren't expected to. There is definite talent on this team (Rettig, Alex Amidon, Andre Williams, Kevin Pierre Louis), and BC was a few Spaz blunders away from winning 5 games last year, I think with some good coaching 7-5 6-6 is definitely a possibility and my prediction.

BSD: Finally, who wins this one and takes home #therivalry title?

BCI: I am predicting a sloppy game on Friday night. Both team's offenses will struggle against much improved defenses on both teams. However, I have to be the homer, and say Boston College will win 17-14 on a last minute field goal by Nate Freese.

Thanks for talking to us as always A.J. and we can't wait for this game to kick off under the Friday night lights!