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BSD Poetry Corner: Elegy for offensive production

In this new feature, the Rollin' Ronin Samurai Foochs takes you on a journey through the latest foray in Demon Deacon poetry! Formats and number of poems will vary from week to week, as will tone, but one thing shall remain: incredible poetic stylings.

Tyler Smith

Elegy For Offensive Production

O Lobo! My Lobo! Your struggles do persist

To watch your offense try to run is akin to a fist

In gut or face, or on the ear, where! Just flip a coin

Perhaps, dear Lobo, the closest choice would be akin to groin

We wait and wait for touchdowns, and yet, there is no score

How many put up larger numbers? One hundred, and six more.

Sir Campanaro struggles on, attempts to muster stock

For drafts and dollars, for fans and team, to be the noblest jock

Yet still it matters none at all, he operates alone

The calls are more predictable than an automated phone

We wait and wait for working calls, no more revolving door

How many slow developing plays? One hundred, and six more.

Oh, for the days of Skinner! Of Marion and Andrews!

Watching now inspires for use on self of hand screws

I dread to call for firings, for loss of livelihood

But the way that things are going, sir, they’re ending nowhere good

How many years on seas of pain until we get to shore?

If this has been a precedent, one hundred and six more.


Want to see a format covered in a future edition?  Perhaps even re-imagining a famous poem?  Or yes, even a RAP VERSE to a certain beat?  It's all in play, but ONLY IF YOU COMMENT BELOW!  Thanks for reading, I'm off to go try to forget, and seek further inspiration.  Go Deacs.