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Samurai Snippets, Week 4: Army

That was ugly, but there were definitely bright spots. Let's discuss some of each, shall we?

Tanner Price
Tanner Price
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

J-Roc is a MAN. Joshua Harris had 96 yards on 19 carries for a 5.1 YPC average to go with two touchdowns.  Now of course, it's Army, but I thought it was very telling how, when we just tried to pound it up the middle with the redshirt senior, he was clowning fools left and right.  I certainly hope the  coaching staff sees that our running game is far more solid when we just go smash mouth, as opposed to trying to constantly have late-developing plays and option looks that involve trying to get to the outside.  FEATURE JOSH HARRIS, THANKS.

D-Line Domination. Our defensive line in this game...good gracious.  Nikita Whitlock was especially freakish, as was Zach Thompson.  Any time you can have more YPC than a service academy, that's some good defense right there.  I will say that if the rest of the team could always play with the intensity that the D-Line does, we would be in a good spot.  The defense also held Army to 5-17 on third down.  That's good stuff right there, keep it up.

Always Watch Out For Camp. Michael Campanaro had a quiet day for him, with only 4 catches, but he ended up with 91 yards, including a 66 yard touchdown catch and run that is a perfect example of his elusiveness, speed, and ability to explode at any given moment.

Tanner Had A Rough Day, But Didn't Panic. 6/17 is a brutal completion percentage, but Tanner Price came through when it mattered, including some key scrambles to move the chains.  He made some bad decisions including throwing a brutal throw intercepted in the end zone, but he demonstrated decisiveness and a clear head in places where he otherwise hasn't been, and that definitely had a positive impact.  Now if Tanner can just mix this with his often solid passing, we'll be in business.

The Bad

Brutal Passing. I've said this before, but our air attack was uncharacteristically ugly today.  Gotta fix that up the rest of the year.

Missed Opportunities Again. One missed chip shot field goal and one interception in the end zone.  That's 6-10 points off the board right there.  Can't let that happen.  There was also a fumble that could've easily led to Army points at the end of the half.

Giving Points At The End Of The Half. Speaking of, perhaps the one major pockmark against the defense in this game was on the second to last Army drive of the half, where Wake gave up a 51 yard rush that helped lead to an Army field goal, literally immediately after Wake went up 10-2.

We Gave Up A Safety. Seriously.  Never should happen.

The Funny

Okay, so this isn't Wake-related, but it's too funny to pass up.  The Florida/Tennessee game that's going on right now is still in the first half as of this writing., and the two teams have a combined SEVEN TURNOVERS.  SEVEN.  So uh...our ball security could be worse at least.  The game has also featured a play in which Tennessee tried to draw offside by just having their OL literally not move, thinking they got it, getting their QB drilled, and resulting in an offensive pass interference call.  In a single play.  I know I'm in a glass house here, but...clownshoes.

Win's a win, folks.  On to the next one.  Go Deacs.