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Samurai Snippets: Presbyterian

I make my return to BSD just as football season does with a brand new feature! In this feature, I'm going to break down The Good, The Bad, and The Funny (yes, I will find at least one comical thing about each game, perhaps more) into short, easy to digest bites! Let's begin, shall we?

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The Good

  • Defense. Fewest first downs by an opponent since 1944.  Six forced turnovers.  Nearly half of Presbyterian's offense coming on a single blown play.  Hard to find much to complain about.
  • No Camp, No Problem. Senior QB Tanner Price hit four targets, including five catches each for freshman Johnathan Williams (who was a standout in his debut) and junior Orville Reynolds.  We absolutely need Michael Campanaro to get better ASAP, but by the same token, unlike last year the other targets for Tanner certainly stepped up to the plate.
  • Tanner Price Has An Arm. On multiple occasions, Tanner threw absolutely perfect long bombs, and while some of them were incomplete and there were times that Tanner had some questionable passes. he was pretty much on point when he stepped up and just let it fly.
  • Good Pass Blocking. In a similar vein, our offensive line did a very strong job with pass blocking schemes, giving Tanner time in the pocket.
  • Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Punter Alexander Kinal continued to show tremendous skills at his position, including a punt that seemed to me (and the rest of the crowd) to be downed inside the 1-yard line, but was ruled a touchback.
  • Freshman Phenoms. I mentioned Williams already, but other freshmen also shined, including RB Joshua Wilhite   Plenty of young players played out there tonight, which is a departure for this coaching staff but is also indicative of the upward trend in Wake Forest football recruiting.

The Bad

  • A 69-yard Run On The first Play From Scrimmage?  Really? The defense made up for it later, but seriously?  C'mon now.
  • Missed Opportunities. Two missed field goals and two red zone turnovers.  That kind of thing cannot happen.
  • Pass Working?  Smash Mouth Runs Working?  Option Time! I know I know, we need to vary the play-calling to keep opposing defenses on their toes, but those option looks were not the best thing last night to say the least.  Not to mention I cringe at quarterbacks taking hits in general, especially when they're as valuable to the team as Tanner is to Wake Forest.

The Funny

Props to the Pop Warner teams who played during halftime and then proceeded to watch the game with much enthusiasm, including a crew who danced like nobody was watching pretty much any time music came on.  I'm serious, that's awesome.  Football games need more shameless dancing if you ask me.

The Bottom Line

It might've been a good game against bad competition, but I'll take that over a non-good game any day, and there were some definite bright spots.  I wouldn't call the upcoming Boston College game must-win, but it would be great to, and if we're going to win any games on the road this year, this is the one I'd bet on.

1-0.  On to the next one.  Go Deacs.