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2014 Wake Forest Football Recruiting Big Board

A look at Wake Forest and its 2014 recruiting commitments and targets. Thanks to Tomahawk Nation for the template used for the spreadsheet.

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It can often times be difficult to keep tabs on all the players that a school is after. This is our attempt at Blogger So Dear to do just this and help out all Wake fans that are interested in the recruiting process. It will update when changes are made to the Google Doc on the back end, so check it out frequently because it will not always be at the top of the BSD home page.

The comment section can also be used for all general discussion about recruiting and the recruits. This story will stay at the top of the "Football Recruiting Section" and can always be found there even after it disappears from the front page of Blogger So Dear. It will also be in the Football Recruiting Storystream.

This is an unofficial board obviously, but it is as accurate as possible and the names have been double-checked through various mediums for accuracy. Be sure to check in frequently because the board will be referred to in different recruiting articles.

Clicking on any name will take the reader to the Rivals page, where a plethora of information can be found about the prospect.

The Big Board is one of the first steps that BSD is taking to becoming the best place for Wake fans to come for relevant football recruiting. There are a lot of other sites out there for other schools, so this is something unique for Wake Forest that all fans can enjoy and reference.

Wake Forest 247 Sports Commit Page

Wake Forest Rivals Commit Page

Wake Forest Scout Commit Page

Wake Forest ESPN Commit Page

If there are any questions about certain recruits that may or may not be on here then please fire away in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them.

Here is the direct link to the Wake Forest Football Recruiting Hub