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Farewell to all my Friends So Dear

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it's time for me to get off this crazy cruise ship


hey guys remember that time there was no wake site on sbnation and then there was a wake site on sbnation and for the most part it was just a bunch of jokes about eric hayes

that seems like a long long time ago now

as most of you all know i'm no longer going to be managing blogger so dear anymore the reason for this is because i am joining sports illustrated where i will try not to burn down holly anderson's old post at campus union

i'll keep making jokes

i'll keep being me

i'll keep trying to make as many friends as i can because i am afraid of being alone and i need people to think i am a nice person because i have a lot of inner turmoil and conflict as a human being and being around people makes me feel more in general also there are so many amazing people out there and the more of them i meet the happier i am

the site is going to be okay i'm leaving it to mundy and mundy cares a lot about doing a good job and writing a ton and helping the site grow even if people sometimes don't like what he has to say he is passionate in a different way and he's going to do great

riley and bart and rob and jake and kurz and samurai will be sticking around as far as i know to help him out and provide different viewpoints because that's very important to me even if the site isn't really mine to take care of anymore

i'll take on an emeritus role where i make sure you guys don't all murder each other with media guides and plungers

please read my stuff and keep talking to me and tell me if i'm doing good or bad work i never really know i just write because it keeps me from running away

i love this site and i love all of you