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Wake Forest football still hitting Florida hard

From Dade County to the Panhandle, Wake Forest continues to be a player when it comes to recruiting in the state of Florida.

Bud Noel intercepts a pass in the 2011 Music City Bowl
Bud Noel intercepts a pass in the 2011 Music City Bowl
Grant Halverson

One key component of Wake Forest's success on the gridiron during the Grobe era is the establishment of a Florida talent pipeline. Deacon stalwarts like Alphonso Smith, Stanley Arnoux and Riley Skinner are just some of the talent plucked out of the Sunshine State to make a difference in Winston-Salem.

Coach Steed Lobotzke took time today on Twitter to let everyone know that the Deacs' efforts in Florida weren't falling by the wayside.

If anything, it would appear that Wake Forest has more of a foothold in Florida than ever before, as many of the players noted in the picture will depended on for quality contributions this season. Duran Lowe, Merrill Noel and Ryan Janvion should all see significant minutes in Derrick Jackson's secondary, while Orville Reynolds and Deandre Martin are expected to play a major role in the overhaul of the Wake Forest offense.