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Ficke takes assistant coaching position at Loyola Maryland

Dan Ficke returns to his alma mater after serving three years at Wake Forest.

Wake Forest fans celebrate a win over N.C. State
Wake Forest fans celebrate a win over N.C. State
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Loyola University Maryland announced today the appointment of Dan Ficke as assistant men's basketball coach. According to the release on Loyola's official website, Ficke will fill round out the staff of coach G.G. Smith, who was recently hired to lead the Greyhound basketball team. Per the release, Smith said:

"It's great to have Dan back with the Loyola basketball family. He is someone who knows what this program has accomplished and where we are headed from here"

Ficke spent his first two season as the Assistant Coordinator of Basketball Operations at Wake Forest before being promoted to Special Assistant to Head Coach/Director of Scouting and Recruiting for last season. Prior to his tenure at Wake Forest, Ficke played four years at Loyola University Maryland, helping the Greyhounds to a 19-win season in 2008, which is a school record.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ficke Tweeted out his appreciation for his opportunity at Wake Forest and expressed his desire to see the continued progress of the Deacon basketball program.