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Former Wake Forest OL Tyson Clabo waived by Atlanta Falcons

Former Wake Forest offensive lineman Tyson Clabo was released by the Atlanta Falcons earlier today, presumably to free up space to renegotiate Matt Ryan's contract.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we are so often (rudely) reminded in the world of sports, it is ultimately a business, and that is certainly the case in the NFL. Tyson Clabo, former Wake Forest offensive lineman, learned that the hard way today as he was released by the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons need cap room to renegotiate Matt Ryan's contract, and apparently the management in Atlanta felt that it was best to part ways with Clabo and his 4.5 million dollar base salary.

Clabo has proven to be a very reliable starter, having not missed a game since 2007. He also did a fantastic job, particularly in run-blocking for the Falcons, where he was able to showcase his ability to not only block within the tackles, but pull out and get downfield as well.

Clabo, who is now 31 years-old, played for Wake Forest from 2001-2004, and garnered All-ACC honors in his senior season.

He will now look to other NFL teams that could use him after spending the past 8 years in Atlanta.

Several teams are in need of help on their offensive lines, primarily at right tackle. Potential teams include the Miami Dolphins. Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs.

In February of this year, Clabo was recognized by Wake Forest for a $500,000 pledge to renovate the football locker rooms at Groves Stadium.

No matter where Clabo winds up, Wake Forest fans will continue to support him for his play at Mother So Dear, and his generous donations to the football program.

Best of luck to Tyson and his family as he goes through this blip on his professional career radar!