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Video: Wake Forest DBs having fun again, excited for 2013

Blogger So Dear had an opportunity to speak with many Deacon players and coaches after the annual Spring Game at BB&T Field. Perhaps the most entertaining group was the secondary, both on and off the field.

Bud Noel grabs an errant pass in the 2011 Music City Bowl
Bud Noel grabs an errant pass in the 2011 Music City Bowl
Grant Halverson

Anyone not grousing about the poor offensive showing in last Saturday's Spring Game was most likely pleased with what they saw in the Wake Forest defensive unit. What's old is new again for the Deacs, as they work to once again be an opportunistic unit that creates turnovers and generally pesters opposing offenses.

Perhaps the brightest starts of the Spring season were the defensive backs, who seem to have responded well to new coach Derrick Jackson. To a man, Jackson is described as a an energetic, detail-oriented coach who allows no room for complacency in his defensive unit. Here's an example:

As a result, the DBs seem to be playing with a renewed energy that certainly stood out during each of the three scrimmage sessions at BB&T Field.

Don't just take my word for it, though:

Ryan Janvion

Kevin Johnson:

A.J. Marshall :

Bud Noel (who will probably have to run, but it's funny):