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ACC Tournament Seeding Projections (UPDATE: Through 3/6)

BSD contributor Zach Stone provides an updated look at the ACC Tournament seeding probabilities after last night's games. The table will change as each game is completed for the rest of the regular season.



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These situations are through the completed games of March 6th (Wednesday night's games). Following Miami's loss to Georgia Tech, the bottom portion of the conference possibilities changed a little bit but Miami still has the top seed clinched (100% chance). Wake, rather expectedly, fell to N.C. State, and UNC beat Maryland to likely knock them off the NCAA tournament bubble. The table above is not a simulation; it represents the cumulative probabilities of all the remaining scenarios, weighted by the KenPom odds. I will update the table after each game the rest of the way. Enjoy!

Your up-to-the-second ACC Tournament bracket, including UNC's win over Maryland:

8) Boston College

9) Georgia Tech

Winner plays 1) Miami

5) North Carolina State

12) Virginia Tech

Winner plays 4) Virginia

6) Maryland

11) Clemson

Winner plays 3) North Carolina

7) Florida State

10) Wake Forest

Winner plays 2) Duke