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2014 Point Guard Shelton Mitchell Leads Cuthbertson Past Trinity

Shelton Mitchell scored 20 points in a playoff win. Find out what he had to say following the game.

Shelton Mitchell called the 46-30 victory over Trinity the "most frustrating game he's ever played in." I believe him when he says that because it was one of the most frustrating games to watch, as Trinity played keep-away and probably had the ball for three-quarters of the game. To give you an idea, Trinity had the ball for at least 7 minutes in the third quarter and "won" the quarter 3-2. This game was all the evidence you would ever need to convince someone that boy's high school basketball needs a shot clock. Mitchell still played an excellent game as he finished with 20 points on just 4 shots. The Trinity fans who chanted "overrated" at the 5-star recruit clearly didn't understand what they were witnessing. They were witnessing the future of Wake Forest basketball. Cuthbertson (28-3) will take on Shelby (27-3) this Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in the Greensboro Coliseum in what promises to be a much more fast paced game. Cutherbertson beat Shelby last season to advance to the State finals.

Following the game, Shelton was available to answer questions and he discussed his health, commitment to Wake Forest, his relationship with Chris Paul, and how he sees himself fitting in with the players currently on our roster.


"I feel like I'm doing better. I wouldn't say I'm 100%, but I'm getting there. I''m basically just doing a lot of stretches to strengthen the knee and to get it where I was before. I'm icing it and doing everything I can to make the swelling go down and just get back to 100%."

High School Playoffs-

"I never doubt me or our team. I feel like we're confident enough we can do it, but still taking one game at a time. Right now all I'm worried about is Shelby and after that I'll worry about whoever is next if we beat Shelby. But for now I'm just worried about Shelby and getting by them."

Why He Committed to Wake-

"They've been with me since day one. I've liked them since day one, and they've been my leader since day one. I knew that I was going to lower my list down a bit, and I took a visit there, like my tenth time, and figured out this is where I wanted to be. Coach Battle, everyone knows what he's been doing with point guards and Wake Forest is just a great school, it's close to home, my parents will be able to see me."

On Chris Paul

"I talk to Chris maybe once every two or three weeks. I'll see how things are going with him and he'll see how things are going with me like with my injury and how healthy I am. I talk to Chris and his brother and all of his family. It feels great. Even before I was committed he was always there for me if I ever needed help with anything. He's a guy that's the best point guard in the league and that is looking at me and just trying to lead me in the right direction. He just stays on me to make sure I'm doing the right things and it feels great."

On pieces currently on Wake's roster-

"I looked at the pieces they have and felt that I could fit right in playing guard with Codi and Madison because Coach Bzdelik plays three guards most of the time. The guys they have running the wings and also the recruiting class with Greg McClinton and Miles, I feel that I'll be able to fit in with all of those guys when they are sophomores and juniors and I'm coming in as a freshman."

On what position he will play-

"I assume I'll play point guard since that's what I've always played, but I'm comfortable off the ball. I'm happy to play either as long as I'm playing."