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Recap in haiku: Terps torpedo Deacs, 86-60

Kevin C. Cox

Road Deacs strike again

Turnovers made no dif'frence


That was one of the ugliest games I can remember. Maryland shot (nearly) 70% for the game, from both the field and beyond the arc. That's just gross. Believe it or not there are actually a few positives here. We only turned the ball over eight times and had 10 assists. Four of our starters (Devin Thomas, who's still a beast, Codi Miller-McIntyre, C.J. Harris, and Travis McKie) were in double figures. The problem is that our bench was 3-18 shooting. Seriously, 3-18. And that includes a 1-1 performance for walk-on Spencer Jennings in garbage time. 2-17. TWELVE PERCENT. Our starters, on the other hand, were a hardly great 19-45 (including 0-3 from Madison Jones) but that's at least 42%. You can in theory win a game at 42%, especially with a turnover prone team like Maryland. But when they shoot how they did, guys see what happens.

I'm having a really hard time reconciling this. The team that nearly beat the #5 team in the nation at home turned around and did THAT. I'm not going to call for anyone's head; that's just not my way. But knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, to be filled with such hope only to have that hope be replaced by despair leaves me with a lot of questions about a lot of things. I know we're capable of better. Everyone associated with the program is. I just hope they sort out how to be better on all fronts, because getting blown out by 20+ every conference road game isn't a blueprint for success in the long term or the short term, no matter how difficult the situation or admirable the effort (at times). On to the next one. Go Deacs.