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Candidate Profile: Dave Clawson

Wake Forest athletic director Ron Wellman has started the coaching search, and Blogger So Dear will be breaking down the resumes of potential replacements. Next on the list is Bowling Green's Dave Clawson. Could he be Wake Forest's next head coach?

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Dave Clawson is currently the head coach of the Bowling Green Falcons and has been since the 2009 season. He has an overall record of 31-31 at Bowling Green and his team has improved each season since his 2010 team which went 2-10. The Falcons are currently ranked 36th by Sagarin's predictor ratings and are poised to play for the MAC Championship against Northern Illinois. That shouldn't surprise anyone because Clawson has built programs everywhere he has been. Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel wrote a great piece on Clawson earlier this season entitled, Bowling Green's Dave Clawson and the art of program building.

Bowling Green is not the only program which Clawson has transformed. His first head coaching position was at Fordham University, and the team went 0-11 during his first season. By his third season the team won seven games, and then they won at least nine games in each of the following two seasons. From there, Clawson went to Richmond and went 3-8 during his first season. The following season the team won nine games and two years after that the team won 11. Given that Wake has not won more than six games 2008, Clawson is perhaps the man to help turn Wake Forest around.

Clawson is a graduate of Williams College, and has coached at schools such as Lehigh, Villanova and Richmond, so he is no stranger to schools with strong academic reputations like Wake Forest. He also possesses 14 years of head coaching experience, which is something athletic director Ron Wellman truly values. It may not be a sexy hire, but it may be the right hire. Clawson has a proven track record of building programs and that's exactly what Wake Forest needs.

Do you all believe Clawson would do a good job at Wake Forest?