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Could this plane be Ron Wellman headed to Ball State to interview Pete Lembo?

Because Winston-Salem to Muncie on a Wednesday night is a thing that happens a lot...right?

Let's go to Muncie!
Let's go to Muncie!
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UPDATE (3:15 P.M.) Why, yes it was Mr. Wellman on that flight. Doug Zaleski of the Star Press confirms it HERE.

Ball State University spokesman Joe Hernandez would not confirm Wellman's visit or whether Wake Forest had asked permission to interview Pete Lembo. Hernandez said that it was a personnel matter and school policy is not to comment on personnel matters.

Original Post---

There's nothing quite like going to see Aunt Maude in Muncie to take in the Wheeler Orchid Collection and Species Bank, followed by a visit to the Appeal to the Great Spirit statue. It's also a great time to visit Muncie, since weather is supposed to be nasty later on this week.

I hope Aunt Gertrude pops by with some figgy pudding, or at least a fifth of Jack. I hear she is a big football fan, but I'm not sure that's a big area for the ol' pigskin. I mean...

What else is in Muncie, Indiana?

Well, there's THIS. But that's just a movie.

Muncie is also the home of Ball State University, whose head football coach, Pete Lembo, is an oft-mentioned candidate for the open job at Wake Forest. Lembo has a lot of experience with private school football, something Wake AD Ron Wellman considers a major plus. Also, he plays an exciting brand of offense- something Wake Forest fans consider a major, major, major plus.

"He strikes me as a smart, detail-oriented coach," said Ben Breiner, the Ball State beat writer for the Muncie Star Press. "He has a pracitce plan for like, next Spring already. His teams tend to be high-powered, quick passing and you'll also see him often working with special teams."

Breiner also said that Lembo is well-liked by donors, alums and fans and enjoys being the face of the program. You can read more about Pete Lembo in his candidate profile here on Blogger So Dear.

The statue effing rocks, though, right?