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Candidate Profile: Matt Wells

Wake Forest athletic director Ron Wellman has started the coaching search, and Blogger So Dear will be breaking down the resumes of potential replacements. Next on the list is Utah State's Matt Wells. Could he be Wake Forest's next head coach?


Matt Wells is in his first season as head coach of the Utah State Aggies. This year he led the this Mountain West team to an 8-4 record (7-1 in conference) and an appearance in the conference championship game against Fresno State, which is taking place this Saturday. Prior to being named head coach, he was the quarterback's coach in 2011 as well as the offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach in 2012. Prior to Utah State, Wells worked at the Naval Academy, Tulsa, New Mexico, and Louisville.

During the 2011 and 2012 seasons, Matt Wells guided Utah State's offense to be 21st and 20th, respectively, in total offense. This year they were 49th, but it's worth pointing out that his team has lost five starters due to season-ending injuries. His teams were also top 14 nationally in total defense during each of the past two seasons. They faced two Pac-12 opponents on the road this year (Utah and USC) and lost by a combined seven points.

Wells is only 40 years old, and certainly has a lot of potential and is a respected offensive mind. Given the team's recent struggles on the offensive side of the ball, it would make sense to go after someone who is energetic and has worked with and shaped prolific offenses in the past. He seems to have a lot of upside, but there is also more risk involved.

Do you all think he'd be a good replacement for Jim Grobe or would we be better suited going in a different direction?