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Media Reactions: Who is Dave Clawson?

A collection of reactions from members of the media answering the question, "Who is Dave Clawson?"

Coach Dave Clawson has traded in his BG orange for Old Black and Gold
Coach Dave Clawson has traded in his BG orange for Old Black and Gold
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

From Jack Carle, sports editor, Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune

Dave Clawson was hired to clean up and build a football program that had fallen into problems both on the field and in the classroom.
He had success in his first year due in large part to quarterback Tyler Sheehan and receiver Freddie Barnes.
The rebuilding started with his first two recruiting classes, and after seasons of 2-10 and 5-7, the Falcons are 18-8 over the last two years with a MAC championship and two bowl games.
He and his staff were able to built from the ground up and the program is on firm ground now.
In addition to solid recruiting, Clawson has been able to keep all three coordinators for the five years here, with helped stabilize the program.

From Matt Daley, Bowling Green writer,

Dave Clawson is the epitome of a team-builder.  He's been successful in that role at three different stops during his career.  At Bowling Green, he took a team playing with fewer than 50 scholarship players to MAC champions in just three seasons.  He makes the most out of the pieces he has available and is excellent at making adjustments.  This year, in the third quarter, BGSU allowed just three touchdowns in 13 games.  Clawson is also a fantastic motivator and is a players' coach.  Fans of Wake Forest will need to be patient for a season or two, as he builds the roster, but if they are, that patience will be paid off with winning seasons.

From Zach Ragan, lead editor, (on the much talked-about 2008 disaster at Tennessee)

It's really hard to judge Dave Clawson based on his one season in Knoxville.

On the surface it looks like Clawson did a terrible job at Tennessee. 2008 was one the Vols' worst offensive seasons ever, but that actually had little to do with Clawson's ability as a coach.There were several factors that went into Tennessee's poor offensive performance in 2008, that had nothing to do with Clawson. The Vols had a large number of disciplinary issues, in addition to uncertainty at QB. Jonathan Crompton didn't live up to his status as an elite QB recruit, and his play was very erratic at times. That, combined with the installation of a new offensive system, was a recipe for disaster.

Clawson was never able to prove himself in Tennessee, as Phillip Fulmer was let go and Clawson wasn't retained by Lane Kiffin. Unfortunately it's hard to gather much from Clawson's one season at Tennessee due to factors that were out of his control.

From Brett Friedlander, Wilmington Star-News

Dave Clawson doesn't chug energy drinks. He doesn't profess to light up scoreboards with a high-octane, high-scoring offensive attack. He's simply a roll-up-your-sleeves, not-afraid-to-get-dirty kind of guy who specializes in renovation projects, which makes him a great fit for Wake Forest and potentially, the right man at the right time to get the Deacons heading back in the right direction.

And finally, I got an email from Bowling Green PA announcer David Rice:

Good evening JP,

Read your article on Dave Clawson leaving BGSU and heading down to Wake Forest. I am the PA announcer for many sports including the Falcon Football team.

Wake Forest is getting a great coach and an even better human being. I wish we could keep Coach Clawson but there is no way we could match the money and the conference prestige. We knew when Coach arrived that he would not be with us forever.

If Wake fans will allow him a couple of years to get the pieces in place, you are going to be excited about your football team. One thing he would stress here, we are not mortgaging the future for right now.

If Wake fans will be patient with Coach Clawson, you're going to like the ride in a few years. I wish Coach Clawson nothing but the best. He handled his exit with way more class than (REDACTED- but it refers to that school that country was spared from watching in the BCS Championship game).

You will be proud of this coach, the Wake Forest players, and the university.