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Wake Forest Staff Predictions

The BSD staff gives their picks and insights for both the Colgate season opener and the Florida State football game. Come on in and see what the crew expects out of the Deacs this weekend.

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The Demon Deacons are set to take the court in basketball for the first time in the regular season tonight against Colgate, while the football team gets the Jameis Winston Experience tomorrow at BB&T Field. The staff attempted to sort through what they thought would happen in both the games and it appears that a general consensus was reached on both accounts. Since the Colgate game is first, let's check out what everybody expects to happen tonight against the Red Raiders:

Riley: Wake wins 85-67

Samurai: Wake wins 88-64

Jake: Wake wins 77-63

Rob: Wake wins 81-65

Mundy: Wake wins 68-41

Shayn: Wake wins 83-61

Bart: Wake wins 84-63

Composite BSD Picks: Average - Wake wins 81-61; Median - Wake wins 84-63

KenPom: Wake wins 77-61 (69 possessions and a 94% chance to win)

So it's a pretty safe option here that the Deacs will emerge victorious tonight against Colgate. Of course fans may remember the Stetson debacle from a few years back, but it's pretty unlikely that occurs with the current roster Wake has.

The second game of the weekend featured an equally as decisive pick from the staff but for a variety of different reasons. Florida State enters the noon game ranked 2nd in the nation and is the third top ten team the Deacs have played this season. Wake didn't keep it close in Death Valley, falling 52-7 but fared slightly better against Miami a couple weeks ago when they lost 24-21. The BSD staff thinks this game will mirror Clemson moreso than Miami. Let's see what the guys thought:


I don't see how Wake possibly scores against FSU's defense unless there is some sort of a fluky turnover. We gained just over 200 yards of total offense against a defense ranked in the bottom half of the ACC and now go to take on what I believe to be the second best team in the nation. Wake fans will get to see Jameis Winston, who I think deserves the Heisman for his on-field accomplishments, and it will not be pretty for the Deacs. As I said in my article earlier this week, we could play this game an infinite number of times and Wake would never win. Deacs are 35 point underdogs and early betting habits show that 83% of the money is still on FSU. Many won't be watching this one past the first quarter.

FSU wins 66-0


Well here we go. I want to see us try to win the game, if its 4th and anything shorter than 3 go for it, who cares? I know this may be asking a lot... but I want to see Tyree Harris, Sherman Ragland and Jonathan Williams in the game AT THE SAME TIME. We have already thrown their red shirts out the window, use them! I don’t care if Ragland hasn’t showed up to practice on time in months. Play him. He is probably good enough to see time on FSU. Also, let Josh carry the ball until his legs fall, you don’t need to rest him ever third carry, as a senior I think he deserves at least one game with a reasonable amount of carries. On defense, just blitz the hell out of Winston. Will he beat it a lot? Sure. Winston is going to beat us a lot either way, but you have to gamble.

FSU wins 54-17


This Seminole defense is second nationally against the pass, and has allowed zero touchdowns passes in three of its games so far. Against a team without their primary offensive weapon, I don't see how this ends well for the Deacs. The 'Noles total defense is ranked seventh in the country. Ouch.

FSU wins 55-3


I really don't see how we're going to score against this defense. I'm just looking forward to seeing Jameis Winston in person. Again, critical to win the tailgate because there is absolutely no chance we compete on Saturday.

FSU wins 52-0


Yeah, we're toast.  This is going to be the most lopsided game I've ever witnessed as a Wake fan, I think.  I can't even feign excitement or hope about it, I really can't.  I hope they have a good game, but I can't bring myself to believe they will.

FSU wins 52-0


Blogger So Dear Tailgate: 67
Sobriety: 0

Editor's Note: This is my favorite pick of the bunch


FSU wins 52-10

And there you have it folks, Wake will undoubtedly beat FSU tomorrow.

We'll check back later this weekend to see how the picks turned out.. As always, go Deacs