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BSD Poetry Corner: Today They Were the Good Deacs (Ice Cube)

This week, the Rollin' Ronin goes COMPLETELY in the opposite direction with a safe-for-work re-imagining of Ice Cube's hip-hop classic "It Was A Good Day".

Ice Cube
Ice Cube
Thearon W. Henderson

Given how NSFW the lyrics are, I'm unsure whether or not to embed the original track, but apparently our managing editor is not without street cred.  He challenged me, on the heels of a game that was actually good, to rewrite Ice Cube's seminal ode to things being pretty awesome, all considered.  So with that I give you:

Today They Were The Good Deacs

Just waking up in the morning not hatin’ sports
Gotta be somethin’ different from the normal course
No urge to write a haiku, it’s true
And writing snippets is an honestly fun thing to do
I wrote up all the good stuff, didn’t hesitate
Had about five bullet points, shoulda been eight
Talked about the bad some too, and then I hit submit
Waited for the editor, not hatin’ it
I had to go to represent BSD
And by the end of the game, didn’t think Mundy hates me
Pack couldn’t stop us in the red zone
Camp in the middle of the field all alone
And our first half lead not blown
I got a note from my phone, says we scored again
I look around and I'm askin' y'all
My god, are we playin' real football?
Saw them on the field an honestly I clapped
Camp messed around another weekly dap
Freaking corners every play, made ‘em look weak
I can't believe, today they were the good Deacs

Drove down the field and hit the XP
Didn't even get no boos from the OGB
This Saturday, the Wolpfack they tried to stop Price
Saw the defense and his scrambles were too nice
No option, didn't even mind when Tanner threw an interception
Put the defense on, and they got a three and done
Leave ‘em stunned, stop the run
Break up throws, break 'em up, break 'em up, break 'em
Make ‘em float in the air and watch the corners take ‘em
Third and seven, even eleven, yes eleven
Seven, blown up in the backfield
‘Kita proved he was the real deal
Then we called blitz, and I'm seein’ Thomas eat field
Plus no defenders I watched got juked out of their feet
Today they were the good Deacs

Watched the Wolfies get played
They’ve been tryin' to win here since I was in the ninth grade
It's ironic, they say "Our State" we make ‘em look moronic
24-10 record, maybe think on it
O-Line made a big fat run lane
Follow the blocker train, and left ‘em in shame
And our rush ran deep so deep so deep put D-Line to sleep
Lobo got it up for one
He didn't hesitate, to call bombs from the shotgun
Drove down to the endzone and we’re coasting
Tanner threw another bomb, roastin’ hitting Camp in motion
I was glad we came away with a W
Watched the Pack leave, and I just knew
The program might not burst right at the seams
Maybe we can even beat some half-decent teams
No airplane looking for a new head
Might be on life support, but my hope is not dead
Even saw Coach grinnin’ when the clock hit zero
Maybe Grobe’s still got a little bit of hero
Still real wary but no throwing up
Half way bowlin’ and the team might keep showing up
Today I didn't even have to wish for coach tweaks
I got to say they were the good Deacs

I make NO claims of being an MC.  As a result, please direct all hate mail to Mundy for suggesting this, not to me for unleashing such a thing on this Earth.  But please people, for the love of Brian Piccolo, leave comments. and share via Facebook and Twitter...even if it's to point and laugh.  Go Deacs.