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Staff Picks Week 6: N.C. State

The Blogger So Dear guys look to continue their recent hot streak with the staff picks. Through five games everybody is better than .500 (except the Deacs' football team - womp womp) and looking to improve when State rolls into town.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Mundy (4-1)

Thoughts on last week: Kaboom!

Thoughts on this week: "Must-win" is a tired, tired sports cliche'. But this is a "must-win" game. The Deacs have 7 weeks to find 4 wins. With FSU, Maryland and Miami looming, this weekend has to be the one where the Deacs finally start meeting their potential and playing solid football. Wake Forest is backed into corner, playing to save its season on Family Weekend in front of a group of potential recruits. To make matters more interesting, there's a banner or something...oh, never mind.

Prediction: I still haven't seen more than a quarter's worth of solid offensive execution from this group. I expect the defense to be out there all afternoon, and the Deacs to fall 20-3.

Matt (3-2)

Thoughts on last week: It exceeded expectations! I expected a dumpster fire, and I got an EXPLOSIVE dumpster fire.

Thoughts on this week: To call this game important is a rather massive understatement. I'm not going to say we can necessarily turn it around even if we win this game, but if we DON'T win this game, then it will remove pretty much all doubt that the Deacs will have another losing season. I have no idea why I think this, but I think we're capable of winning this game; it's just a question of which team shows up.

Prediction: In light of this, I'm going to go with 24-17 Deacs, thanks to a late touchdown catch from Michael Campanaro.

Rob (4-1)

Thoughts on last week: This game wasn't even "good job, good effort" worthy. Clemson was a 28 point favorite and they covered by 3 touchdowns. What else is there to say?

Thoughts on this week: I just have no reason to expect that this should be different than any other week. I think we'll come out flat and look confused on offense. Additionally their defensive line and could create chaos for Tanner Price all afternoon. State really isn't even that good of a football team, but I believe their many formations on offense will cause us to have some miscommunications that will lead to enough big plays.

Prediction: I forget the exact score that I predicted on the podcast, but I'll say State wins 28-14.

Riley (3-2)

I don't really have a ton of energy to even discuss our football team right now, but last week was tremendously poor football and disappointing for a plethora of reasons. I don't really have any reason either to think that it will turn around at all given that our head coach is "throwing things at the wall and hoping they stick". I'll take the Wolpfack 27-14.

Bart (4-1)

Thoughts on last week: Woof.

Thoughts on this week: Woof....... (Wolf?) (Rob with a terrible editor's note/pun.)

Prediction: I just don’t really see how I can pick Wake to win. I think this game is almost a toss up, especially in Winston, but I don’t imagine there will be very many Wake fans there. When State comes to visit they normally turn Winston into Carter Finley West and there’s no reason to think this week is any different. The coaching staff has shown no fire so far this year and the team has played roughly one and a half good quarters of football. I don’t see this changing any time soon. This is a must win game, but we had three of those at the end of the year last year and we didn’t come out with any fire whatsoever. Wake leads this one late but chokes it away: State comes out on top 23-21. I don’t know how we get 21 points, but this pick IS WHAT IT IS. Go Deacs.