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Recap in haiku: Duke torches Wake, 80-62

A recap in haiku of Duke's expected dismantling of Wake Forest in Cameron Indoor.

Grant Halverson

Ryan Kelly, ugh

Woah, we won the glass battle!

Hey, it could be worse.

That game was about what I expected. C.J. Harris and Travis McKie played like crazy, Codi Miller-McIntyre hit a couple crazy shots but could never settle in, lots of Duke free throws and threes, and Devin Thomas was a beast inside. Sure, it's disappointing, but I have a hard time being too upset. We even led a couple of times early! The pain might be dulled somewhat by the Mitchell commit, but honestly, it probably should be. I feel like our interior defense was actually very good this game, so if Duke hadn't have scorched the nets how they did, it likely would have been a real nail-biter, which is more than I would've expected coming in. I hope this team learns what lessons they can, and comes ready to play against Virginia. I saw glimpses of fight even when they were down 20+, which I can dig. Go Deacs.

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