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Living in the Moment

"We live in the moment, and this is a great moment."-Jeff Bzdelik

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Jeff Bzdelik was absolutely correct in saying that it was all about living in the moment; and what a beautiful moment the 86-84 win over #18 North Carolina State was. The environment was the best I've seen in The Joel since January 28, 2009 when the Deacs defeated Duke 70-68 on a last second layup by James Johnson. It was also the first time since that victory that Tie-Dye Nation stormed the court.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>REALLY?! STORM THE COURT for beating the #18 in the country? <a href="">#douchebagORPHANS</a></p>&mdash; Julius Hodge (@Follow24Hodge) <a href="">January 23, 2013</a></blockquote>

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There were some naysayers on Twitter, namely Julius Hodge, but those naysayers don't understand the hardships this program has been through over the past 2 and a half years. The majority of students who rushed the court had never had that opportunity during their time at Wake, as only this year's senior class had witness a Wake Forest team defeat a top 25 opponent. The students who rushed the court were expressing pure joy, happiness, and enthusiasm; they were living in the moment. I was thrilled to be part of that environment and to watch the jubilation on the faces of our students, players, and coaching staff.

Last night was not about the #BuzzIn or #BuzzOut movements and whether or not Jeff Bzdelik should be our head basketball coach. There will be time for those discussions, but that time is not now. For now, we should be living in the moment as Jeff Bzdelik aptly stated. I have no idea what our record will be moving forward, and I have no idea what this win means in the grand scheme of our basketball program. I do know, however, that last night was a sensational feeling for myself and all of Tie-Dye Nation. No matter what happens for the rest of the season, our night and our moment can never be taken away. Our players truly earned that moment and I was thrilled for them that they got to live in it.