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Linked up: Get to know the SBNation Blogosphere

SBNation has some spectacular sites in their 316 blogs, and I like to think that all of the ACC blogs are really good as well. With the new launch of SBNationUnited, let's take a look at some of the other brother ACC sites and what they have to offer! Every ACC school has a site except for on that Duke.

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Tomahawk Nation (Florida State)

The folks over at Tomahawk Nation are on a high following their 49-37 win over Clemson on Saturday night. E.J. Manuel set career highs in both passing and rushing yards and announced himself as a legitimate Heisman contender (not that Coach Jimbo Fisher cares, he just wants a hunting dog).

Bud Elliott is one the best football minds out there that we have on SBNation and his work for Tomahawk Nation is borderline unfair to compete against, much less as free material. While I'm not the biggest FSU fan at all, Bud has turned me into an admirer because of his knowledge of football overall.

If you want to see a site getting it done it's definitely Tomahawk Nation.

Shakin the Southland (Clemson)

For every winner in an ACC conference game there has to be a loser, and unfortunately for the Shakin the Southland fellows they were on the wrong end of the FSU loss on Saturday (we know how it feels guys). They are licking their wounds now but it's still material that's well worth reading if you are a Clemson fan.

The game preview leading up to the big game on Saturday night was extremely well done. The constant stat overloads are always clutch when brushing up on Clemson knowledge for our games against them.

DrB does a fantastic job of leading this blog and they are always one of the best collegiate blogs in the Blogosphere here year in and year out.

Gobbler Country (Virginia Tech)

Just like Clemson and FSU, Gobbler Country has found a way to set itself apart from the many other Virginia Tech blogs out there. We at Blogger So Dear have the luxury of being the only Wake Forest blog so you're stuck with us no matter how much you hate us (just kidding!!!!....sorta).

ChicagoMaroon knocks it out of the park with his film reviews, previews, and random assortment of things!

While the Gobbler Country community may not be as large as the first two we talked about, they offer a different community than other blogs like The Key Play.

BC Interruption (Boston College)

This is also one of my favorite blogs in the SBNation community. The guys at BSD and BCI have constant interaction on Twitter and I know that I've adopted BC as one of the teams that I am not hostile with, especially since they don't matter at all!

BCI has a unique mix of sports, differentiating a bit because of their spot on coverage of Boston College hockey, where they once again enter the year as the #1 team in the country.

Brian Favat is consistently one of the funniest Twitter users on my timeline and this fusing of different social media methods is part of what makes SBNation so great.

Testudo Times (Maryland)

Along with BCI, Testudo Times of Maryland is one of the wittier and comedic blogs that I've seen on SBNation. Ben Broman does a great job of mixing up recruiting news for basketball and football with great analysis, previews and recaps.

Overall, Testudo Times is one of the more well-rounded blogs on SBNation. By that I mean they do a great job of consistently covering all Maryland sports. While some blogs are a little more football-centric, the Terps crew provide excellent insight and in-depth analysis for both basketball and football.

From the Rumble Seat (Georgia Tech)

I have always enjoyed working with FTRS because they have a few different writers that all bring something unique to the table. BirdGT is an "engineer by trade", but a GT sports enthusiast and has always done a very thorough job in our interactions with him for Q and A's during Wake Forest-Georgia Tech game weeks. This holds for both basketball and football and is another good example of a well-rounded ACC blog.

Their film review is spot-on, even as they reel from that shocking Miami defeat this past weekend. While Bud Elliott gets a lot of acclaim for his game reviews, MillsGT49 does a fantastic job breaking down a game that couldn't have been easy to watch again. Stuff like this is the norm for not only FTRS, but all the ACC blogs.

Tar Heel Blog (UNC)

I assume that this blog is the blog formerly known as Carolina March because it appears that they have all the same writers there. Not sure when the name change took place, but I'm pretty sure it was still Carolina March when we played them a couple of weeks ago.

These guys have a small community, but provide excellent insight into Carolina athletics, as well as things that have been going on with the NCAA recently (thinly veiled cheap shot, hey I gotta hate at least one team right???).

In all seriousness, these guys work hard and crank out some really good stuff about UNC.

Backing the Pack (N.C. State)

Akula Wolf runs Raleigh. This guy is just an awesome blogger and he nearly single-handedly runs Backing the Pack (with some help from Omega Wolf). This is another blog that does a great job of mixing humor and information into one tiny, but loaded pill.

They also keep up with the recruiting news and keep their fanbase informed of any small (or big) changes that might be coming to Raleigh in the future. They have a smaller, but vibrant community that keeps things pretty interesting at all times. N.C. State has a lot of funny bloggers on Twitter and Backing the Pack is a big part of this.

Streaking the Lawn (Virginia)

First of all I'd like to give a shoutout to whichever writer mans their Twitter account for the awesome hotel advice for Jake and myself as we venture up to Charlottesville in the middle of October. Helped us out of a bind earlier today in our planning.

If I'm not mistaken StL is one of the newer blogs in the ACC blogosphere and we never properly hazed them so that's pretty disappointing. Anyways, the two Brians and TikiUVA (who I can only assume is actually Tiki Barber), are the premier Wahoo blog for Cavs fans.

Their insight into coaching choices, game analysis, and Pick'Em Challenges bring plenty of fun and games for UVA fans.

Seventh Floor Blog (Miami)

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Miami Hurricanes blog titled "Seventh Floor Blog". I gotta admit, I haven't worked with this blog yet, but have seen a fair amount of the articles that they have published recently and have to say that they are killing it, especially with the football coverage as of late.

Their work on the basketball trail has also been pretty solid as they have rolled out positional rankings headed into basketball season. Impressive for a blog that has fans that don't attend football games and probably couldn't name a basketball player if their life depended on it. AMIRITE?!?!? Just kidding, but once again not really.