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Preliminary Week 3 BSD BlogPoll Top 25

I went ahead and got these up today so there can be some healthy discussion about this. I really want some different point-of-views on this so I'm not just submitting my thoughts this week. I treat the Blogpoll as a pretty fluid top 25. I try to reward wins and losses, but not at the expense of the overall picture.

For example, this week I dropped VT from 14th to out of the top 25,not just because they lost, but because it was to Pittsburgh and not a reasonably good opponent. I dropped Tennessee only three spots because I think they are a pretty good team despite their loss to Florida.

I wanted to reward FSU a little more than just one spot because of their dominance over Wake Forest yesterday, but couldn't put them over LSU or Oregon yet until they prove just a little bit more. They will have their shot next week against Clemson (they open up at -13).

The bottom of my Top 25 is a little jumbled because the teams I had at the bottom (BYU, USF) either lost or moved up a bit because of other teams around them falling as well.

Hit me up with any egregious errors or something that you think I have wrong. Remember, we have until midnight tomorrow to submit it so get it in the comment section tonight or at any point tomorrow so we can discuss!

We also were extended an invitation to join the College Football Researcher's Association Top 25 Poll as well. Information about that poll can be found in the quote box below!:

The CFRA is an NCAA-recognized top 25 poll (official site: that was started in 1982 but was then relaunched a few years ago.

Over the past couple of seasons, we have gradually assembled an impressive group of voters who have worked as journalists, bloggers, and coaches, and our poll's re-emergence has been recognized by the NCAA (, p. 69-70). However, now we are looking to further expand our organization and have several more prominent college football journalists and bloggers join our group and participate in our poll.