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Game Recap in Haiku: Noles Trounce Deacs, 52-0


Can't make a tackle

FSU might just be back

Please play better soon

Well that was painful. The first series or two actually looked decent, with Wake's defense holding pretty strong and Josh Harris ripping off a huge run. What proceeded to happen can only be described as an isolated outbreak of amnesia, as every single member of the Wake defense seemingly forgot how to tackle and gave up something in the realm of 4 touchdowns in 8 offensive plays for FSU. Mix that with the fact that Wake was beyond pitiful on offense (126 total yards, 1-16 on third down), and you get the result that we just saw.

Our pass protection was actually pretty good, so there's that! Oh, Alex Kinal is still pretty good too. There's also that Please let this be the worst trouncing Wake gets all year. Suddenly I'm a lot less optimistic about our season prospects, but there is an upside. Maybe FSU is just that good. For real this time. No, seriously, I'm not kidding for once.

Only time will tell. One thing's for sure. I'm glad Army is decidedly not Florida State.