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Liberty Depth Chart Released

I must've somehow missed Liberty releasing their depth chart yesterday, but I stumbled upon it this morning and can now post it here for people to look at. I understand that a lot of people do not have vast knowledge of the Liberty Flames roster (myself included), so I will try to bold/italicize players that the Deacs need to look out for.

For an in-depth look at the roster by one of the Flames beat writers, as well as the place I found the depth chart, check out this link (very good information here).

Click through the link to see the depth chart as well as some notes about the Flames roster.

QB -- Brian Hudson AND Josh Woodrum

RB -- Sirchauncey Holloway
Desmond Rice/Korrey Davis/D.J. Abnar

FB -- Nicky Fualaau
Matthew Baptiste

TE -- Justin Gunn OR Peter Gagliardi
Brandon Apon/Michael Johnson

WR -- Ryan Ferguson
Elliott Dutra/Gabe Henderson

WR -- Pat Kelly
Jaquan Glover/Darrin Peterson

LT -- Hunter Steward
Aharown Campbell

LG -- Malcolm Boyd
Greg Ray

C -- Aaron Lundy
Kevin Widener

RG -- Stan Herring
Aaron Lundy

RT -- Mitch Hanson
D.J. Sellman

DE -- Cory Freeman
Toby Onyechi

DT -- Francis Bah
Greg Schuster

NG -- Bryant Lewellyn
Jibrille Fewell

RE -- Demetrius Ward
Chima Uzowihe

WLB -- Scott Hyland
Dylan Lewellyn

MLB -- Nick Sigmon
Marques Jenkins

SLB -- Bobby Partilla
Randy Spann

BC -- Walt Aikens
Ryan Ayers

S -- Brent Vinson
Chris Mayo

FS -- Jacob Hagen
Miles Hunter

FC -- Kevin Fogg
Kenny Scott

PK/KO -- John Lunsford
Aaron Sassaman

P -- Grant Bowden
John Lunsford

LS -- Richard Wright
Andrew Cordasco

HOLD -- Brian Hudson
Grant Bowden

PR -- Kevin Fogg
Ryan Ayers

KR -- Kevin Fogg/Korrey Davis
Sirchauncey Holloway/D.J. Abnar


  • Offensive line returns a lot of experience and will be a good test for the Deacons front 7, who have stressed more pass rush this season.
  • Chris Mayo was first string in the Spring at the safety position when returning starter Brent Vinson injured his shoulder, but Vinson beat him out in the fall. Mayo will get a fair amount of snaps in the secondary for the Flames this season.
  • As noted in the linked article, the depth chart above is listed with the idea that Liberty comes out in the Power-I look (FB, RB, TE, 2 WR's)
  • The Flames have a true freshman handling their kicking in John Lunsford, and Turner Gill's notion that Wake Forest's special teams could wreak havoc for them is well-founded. Wake Forest essentially allowed an open season on their roster for the special teams this year and the result is that the most athletic, powerful players are playing on special teams. That will lead to bigger hits, more fumbles and more blocked kicks.
  • Liberty seems to be relying on their depth a lot, which is a little unusual for an FCS team because they do not have as many scholarships as FBS teams. This could cause problems for them in the 3rd and 4th quarter where the Wake Forest depth is a little more talented than Liberty's is.
  • An interesting point is raised in the article as well with the two QB situation. Gill went on record as saying that he would give both Woodrum and Hudson snaps at the QB position to begin the game (2 series apiece). What happens if Liberty's(long shot I think against the Wake Forest first string defense) first QB comes out and leads them to two long TD drives and an early lead. Does Gill switch to the other QB or just leave the first guy in there? That would be an interesting conundrum for Gill and his staff.
  • It bears noting that the Flames have Carl Torbush and Joe Dailey on their coaching staff (former UNC head coach and QB respectively). So if you didn't have a reason to hate the Flames already, you now have a legitimate reason.