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Wake Forest vs. Liberty Game Notes Released (Depth Chart From Aug. 23 Included)

On the heels of me taking to Twitter to bring eyes to the fact that the Official Game Notes and Depth Chart hadn't been released yet for the Wake Forest website, they surprised me and released it a few minutes ago. The depth chart still isn't updated for the week yet, but something is better than nothing I reckon.

The biggest thing to take note of now is that Alex Kinal has, at the moment, won the starting punting job over Alex Wulfeck. That goes along with what I've seen at practice, as Kinal has been more consistent than last year and has the stronger leg. It's also awesome that he is only a RS Fr, which will be good for years to come!

Other than that the only change I can think of is that Matt James will replace Terence Davis behind Sherman Ragland III (glad to see Sherman starting) in the two-deep depth chart. Davis separated his shoulder and will be out 3-4 weeks. I assume the injury occurred after the depth chart was published last week.

Click through for the official depth chart and analysis


  • As expected, Brendan Cross will back up Tanner Price at the QB position if he were to get injured (fingers crossed to that not happening).
  • Josh Harris is listed as the starting runningback with Orville backing him up. That will no doubt be a rotating thing.
  • Mentioned above but worth saying again, Sherman Ragland wins the outside receiver spot (others will play a lot as well obviously). Camp starting at the Fl position with Scooby Jackson backing him up.
  • Spencer Bishop is the starting TE while Tommy Bohanon is the starting fullback.
  • The offensive line will in fact be (from left to right): Bolling, Ford, Williams, Souza, Summers. The backup line will be: Goodwin, Preble, Barnes, Hayworth, Intemann.
  • The four starting LB's are: Ziggy Allen, Justin Jackson, Mike Olson and Riley Haynes.
  • Secondary is what we expected with Bud, Lowe, Mack, KJ
  • The D-line has Redding and Thompson at DE's (with Fr Tylor Harris backing up Thompson, I've heard that he will almost certainly play Saturday).
  • Nikita is the NG with Johnny Garcia backing him up. This is somewhat irrelevant because Sergio Whitlock plays every play.
  • Newman is still the PK while Kinal takes over punting duties.
  • KR's are Scooby and Orville while Camp will hold down Punt Returner duties.
This depth chart will be updated on Thursday/Friday, and I will fix it here when it is changed!