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Preseason BlogPoll Top 25 (DUE AT 8 TONIGHT)

Ok guys, first of all IT'S GAMEWEEK!!!!

That means we will be rolling out all kinds of stuff this week on here to keep our readers the most up-to-date as any Wake Forest fan can be. We've got a bunch of articles planned that will expand your knowledge and get you pumped up about Saturday.

Today we've already had the ACC Preview/Preseason Power Rankings done expertly as always by Mr. Robert Reinhard. Now we've got the first BlogPoll of the year.

For those of you that are new/don't remember (it took me some time to remember as well), the BlogPoll is SBNation's Top 25. Most of the time, it is a much better poll overall than the AP Poll, and certainly better than the Coaches Poll because it is voted on by nearly every member of the SBNation college community.

The new schedule for this year is as follows: I post my initial thoughts about the Blogpoll on Sunday/Monday (I'll try to do it around Sunday at 12), y'all comment about how bad it is and what I need to change, I make said changes and we submit the best BlogPoll ever representing Blogger So Dear.

It needs to be submitted every Monday at 9, so we need to wrap up here around 8, so I have time to make said changes and get it to the bossman.

Easy enough, right?

After the jump I explain some of my choices and let you all in on my secret

Time to reveal some secrets -- I remember very little about the actual national scene of the college football landscape. I brushed up a little on it over the past month by reading some articles and watching games on ESPNU, but outside of Wake Forest and the ACC, I would consider myself to have little knowledge overall about college football.

Nevertheless, here are some of the bullet points to my initial BlogPoll and why I have them where they are:

  • USC, Alabama and LSU are the cream of the crop this year. The only question is really where each team should be ranked to start the season. I think USC is the best team in the country talent-wise, and their offense is ridiculous so I have them at No. 1. I give the nod to the defending NC Alabama at No. 2 because of the whole Honey Badger situation at LSU.
  • Behind them I have Oklahoma and Florida State. I'm pretty high on FSU and most people have them around 7th/8th.
  • I think Georgia is overrated on my poll and they will probably lose @Mizzou next week, but I don't really like a lot of teams behind them.
  • I have Sparty ranked higher than most and contrary to popular belief think that they are better than Michigan
  • It gets muddled in the middle but I'm high on: Virginia Tech, Ohio State, South Carolina. I'm low on: Clemson, Kansas State, Stanford. That's just based on how I perceive those teams as viewed by the media and some preseason polls I've seen.
  • I admittedly took a lot of flyers towards the bottom of the top 25. I'm really high on UNC (*vomit*) and USF. I think they are being overlooked by the media and will have some surprise wins this season. Wasn't really sure where to put ND so I put them at #25. They have a hard schedule and will be in and out all season imo.
Ok, that pretty much wraps up my initial thoughts so now it's time for y'all to tell me why I'm wrong and what we can do to make the Blogger So Dear poll better! Enjoy and have at it!